What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can happen when you least expect them. You could be walking to the shop, doing house chores, or running errands at work. Fall accidents mainly happen due to negligence, such as one repeatedly ignoring a fall hazard or a known slip.

Accidents are common but shouldn’t be carried lightly. Following these steps after a slip and fall accident are essential to getting compensation for your claim (if any), although not all slip and fall accidents can be claimed for compensation. Choosing a legal insurance claim company to negotiate on your behalf is the best way to go rather than facing the company yourself.

That slip and fall moment is embarrassing and can confuse the victim without knowing the next cause of action. Let’s figure out what to do after a slip and fall accident:

Stay Calm and Check for Injuries

After the accident, try not to move suddenly as this could worsen the injuries further. Instead, take that moment to inspect for aching, sharp pains, or other sensations in your body. If you feel any pain, this is when the paramedics come in.

Inspect the Scene of the Accident

What made you fall? Was it careless stored out of negligence? Maybe you didn’t watch your steps? Did the mall or store let too many people at once for a festival? Analyze these possible causes keenly so that you can make a detailed report. The best time to do this is immediately after you check for injuries. Look around you for all the possible reasons; you can also liaise with the storekeepers or management to know what changes might have happened to the accident scene.

Inspecting the scene also involves taking photographs of the injuries, the floor, and anything related to the accident. Photos carry more weight during the claim compensation procedure than the witnesses’ words. They visualize the actual scene, making it easier for the insurance claim company to undertake the compensation process.

Putting down a few notes about the accident while your mind is still fresh would be important. You do not have to write long paragraphs, just a few essential ones. Additionally, store the garments and shoes you had when the accident occurred. They can serve a piece of clear evidence during the hearing.

Seek the Help of an Attorney

A personal injury lawyer Oshawa can help you file liability claims within two years. Your lawyer should undertake the insurance claim process, highlighting the correct responsible participants, and talk with an insurance claim company on your behalf. Attorneys advise you on the appropriate actions after a slip and fall accident.

Keep Information Private and Confidential

After a slip and fall accident, staying calm and avoiding unnecessary communication with those around you is always advisable. Even better, you shouldn’t post details concerning the accident on your social media platforms. It could trigger unauthorized external responses.

Most importantly, it would be best if you didn’t accept any blame nor place it on the company, cleaners, storekeepers, or any other related party.

Seek Medical Attention

Your health remains your priority at all costs. After inspecting and noting your injuries, the next step is to document them with a doctor.

Seeking immediate medical attention after injuries helps the doctors examine your wounds. These reports are vital to winning compensation for the injuries.

Make a Detailed Documentation

It is equally important to record your names, phone number(s), addresses, email addresses, and other required details concerning the witnesses. It’s your witnesses’ statement that could assist you in proving your claim if you choose to go the legal way.

Most importantly, remember to take photos of the scene of the accident, including the icy patches, stairs, and any other leads to the accident, without forgetting the time and date.

Identify the Core Witnesses

Witnesses are supposed to testify to the truth of the matter. If you slipped and fell in the workplace, your colleagues should be your witnesses. It’s essential to add their contact information so that you reach them anytime they are needed to testify. You can also ask them to explain what they saw.

When you file a legal claim, the attorney must hear the witnesses testify and ask them for a detailed statement concerning the incident. In case there isn’t any witness, you may still claim for compensation, although the witnesses make the process easier and faster.

Make Official Reports

If the accident occurred at your workplace, the company might need you to make official reports about the accident for their records.

Proceed to make that report without adding false information, but with all the vital information. Making an official report is important, especially during your claim, as it reduces the chances of oppression or contradictions from either party.