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What to Know When Selling a House

Selling your home is no simple task. From market research to hiring an agent to stage, it's a very involved process that can initially seem overwhelming. Selling your home can be a long process, but getting into the right mindset will help you know where to start. There's a lot at stake when selling your home, but ...


A Comprehensive SR&ED Guide for Beginners

For first-time applicants, the SR&ED program can seem complicated. Certain work qualifies while other work does not. It’s an extensive process filling out the application, organizing support documents, and doing the math. Of course, anything you are eligible for through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, you won’t want to miss applying. Canada’s SR&ED tax ...


13 Best Exterior Home Painting Ideas

As you go to repaint the exterior of your home, what you choose for colour will redefine the property. The motivation behind what you choose and how you choose to paint may be a personal preference, driven by the objective of selling your home or being an update to increase curb appeal. Here are some exterior ...