12 Modern Luxury Dining Room Ideas and Accessories

A luxury dining room is not difficult to create with the popularity of modern luxury furniture and home décor. There are many ideas, some more creative and budget-friendly than others, to convert an everyday dining room into something extravagant and memorable. This room is very important to your overall home, where you eat, gather, and share conversation.

Here are some modern luxury dining room ideas that we know will make your space sparkle.

Idea #1: Centerpiece dining table

Your dining room is built around the table and seating. Before we delve into the myriad of luxury dining room seating options, let’s zero in on the table. Make this furniture Toronto your primary talking point of the room.

Some modern luxury dining room ideas include a glass tabletop or a live edge wooden table. Look at the table’s shape and the material it’s made with. So many options exist, any of which could be right for your dining room.

Idea #2: Dining table seats

A velvet seat. A wooden chair. An artistic, abstract dining room chair. Just like with your dining table, you have so many available options for your seating. There is a relationship between the table and its seats. Duplicate the colour. Complement the texture. You may use your home’s existing aesthetic as a base on which to decide what table and seats fit best.

Idea #3: Flat woven rug

Considering the possibility of spills, you may be apprehensive about going with a rug under a dining room table. A rug underneath the feet adds to the room’s warmth. Preferably choose a fairly plain and neutral-toned rug unless there’s a reason to go patterned and colourful.

Idea #4: Textured wall art

Your dining room should feel warm and welcoming to those arriving to eat. Try to find wall art to add to your dining room, like in restaurants. For something extra, textured wall art can give off a real luxury vibe, catching the eye of guests as soon as they walk in.

Idea #5: Add a luxury ceiling

Find some decorative luxury ceiling accents to make the most of this often-unused real estate. The ceiling is just as important as the walls. Adorning it with some wooden features creates intimacy. Try to use darker wood or deeper colours, such as stained slats. One can apply many styles to make an impression on their ceiling.

Idea #6: Define your color palette

A luxury dining room must not be covered in silver, gold, or fine fabrics. Define your palette according to your preferences. It’s arguably best to use colour in unexpected ways, going abstract instead of fairly typical colour combinations. Try to find colours you like that can crash together. This takes a keen eye to get right.

Idea #7: Dining room lights

Over your dining room table, you’ve got an opportunity to put some abstract lighting, multiple pendant lights, a luxury chandelier, or another bold statement lighting piece. In every luxury dining room, the lighting above the table makes a huge impact. It is a natural focal point for the eye and another way to add style with function.

Idea #8: Luxury curtains

A lot of dining rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows or a near-equivalent. During the day, natural light’s your best friend. You will want to start pulling over your curtain at night or in the early hours of the evening. The type of luxury curtains you choose should reflect the colour and aesthetic already present in the room.

Idea #9: Install A FIREPLACE

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to a modern luxury dining room. There are lots of fireplaces, each in a different style. A simple log-burning stove can fill a room with lots of warmth, helping to keep everyone comfortable on even the coldest nights. The glow of a fireplace is comparable to the glow of candlelight, putting everyone in a good mood.

Idea #10: Natural materials

Natural materials that are carefully cut and artfully designed add a lot from a décor standpoint inside a luxury dining room. Wood, stone, and metals are all common go-to’s. You might also incorporate glass. There’s also something to be said for bringing in a plant or two, setting them inside a modern, minimalist, or mid-century planter.

Idea #11: Add a reflective wall

A reflective wall doesn’t have to be a mirror. It can be smoked or coloured glass or high-gloss panelling. What a reflective wall does is help circulate light and brightness through the room. That said, you don’t want guests distracted, so be sure to install any reflective surfaces somewhere different than right beside the dinner table. You may want to angle the reflection accordingly.

Idea #12: Additional seating

If you expect to be hosting gatherings in your luxury dining room, instead of going with a large dining table – they only can be so big! – add additional seating on the side. Build an island. Install a bar. Have a floating table installed against a side wall. These are a few things you can do, but there are many ways to anchor another seating area in your dining room. Be creative and maximize your space.