8 Possible Warning Signs of Extramarital Affairs

The chances are high that if you’re married, you’ll want your spouse to be loyal. This is the key to having a good marriage and being able to trust this person. However, many divorces are the result of extramarital affairs. This is quite concerning for any person that’s in this legal arrangement. However, you will want to pick up on certain warning signs of extramarital affairs that may be occurring right under your nose.

Here are eight potential warning signs of extramarital affairs:

1. Your spouse is away from home a lot.

Absence is one of the most noticeable warning signs of extramarital affairs. It’s likely that your spouse works during the day, but if there are a lot of hours this person is away after work, this can be concerning. Where would your spouse need to be all of the time if not at home or work?

Are you always eating dinner alone and just don’t understand why? If this is the case, you may want to do a bit of investigative work by yourself. Showing up at work and finding out where your spouse is going may be very helpful in this situation.

2. Your spouse is always on the phone.

Do you walk into a room and your spouse is still checking the phone? Is this device constantly by their side and they get irritated when it’s not?

One of the warning signs of extramarital affairs with your spouse is continually texting or emailing in your presence. You’d think your spouse cared enough to spend some time with you.

3. Your spouse is closing out emails whenever you arrive.

Another warning sign of extramarital affairs is if your spouse sees you coming and shuts down the Internet. Could it be another person is writing your spouse that you don’t know about currently?

What is so secret that you can’t see the details of the email? If you’re always getting locked out of their computer, then it’s likely that you may wonder why. The answer could be due to a potential breach in your marriage.

4. Your spouse has inexplicable credit card charges.

Was your spouse just billed for many things you had no clue what these were for, and you found it? Were there hotels involved and long trips for two on the credit card statement?

What about big purchases that you didn’t even know were occurring? If money is being spent in the household and you had no warning of it, you may want to find out what’s going on suddenly. These financial anomalies are the biggest warning signs of extramarital affairs.

5. Your spouse hangs up the phone a lot.

Do you have a landline and each time you answer it the person on the other end hangs up on you? If this is the case, your spouse may be having an affair.

Why would the individual on the other line always hang up when they hear your voice? This is something for you to think about and you may want to do a bit of investigating.

6. Your spouse is missing clothes.

One thing you may not notice right away but is a possibility, and that’s if your spouse’s clothes start missing. Are there shorts, tees or underwear that merely disappeared?

Has your spouse been gone for a few nights on a so-called business trip? Do you know it’s possible many of these things could be left at the home of another person? As much as you hate to admit this is the case it very well could be. Be sure to ask about any missing clothing items that you used to see a lot.

7. You are feeling neglected by your spouse.

Do you simply think there isn’t time for you any longer? Do you both sit in the living room at the end of the day and stare at the TV?

If you feel more like a piece of furniture than a person, it’s possible your spouse is having an affair. It’s not normal to be avoided so much, and this is something you’ll want to keep in mind.

8. You and your spouse don’t do things together

Are you always doing things by yourself? For instance, do you go out to eat alone? What about going to the gym and doing other things? Do you feel like you’re single but married? It’s highly possible that this could be an indication your spouse is having an affair with another person.

If you just don’ t communicate or do things as a couple any longer, this is a terrible sign. In fact, if you wish to save the marriage, you may want to start trying a bit more.

There’s no doubt that marriage can be hard and you may know this for a fact. Take time to think about these warning signs of extramarital affairs and whether these situations have happened to you. If so, you may want to dig a bit deeper to see what’s going on in your marriage. It could be time to find out once and for all if your spouse is genuinely cheating or not. Take control of this situation and begin to move forward with your life!