4 Benefits of Staging Your Home Professionally

Finding the right buyer for a home of any size is a difficult prospect. Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to move a property, a home fixer looking to move on to the next project, or just an independent homeowner preparing to start the next chapter of your life in a new home, generating interest in the space you’re trying to sell is essential for good turnaround times.

There are many ways to go about generating interest, with the most prominent being listings on various real-estate websites or even the local newspaper.

One of the key reasons why sellers often have difficulty maintaining interest during a viewing is simply down to poor allocation of resources. As noted above, generating customer interest is absolutely essential, and the appearance of the home during a viewing is an important part of elevating customer interest. Investing time and resources into decorating a home temporarily for the purpose of generating customer interest is known as staging, and a staged home has several key advantages over its unstaged counterpart for both the seller of the home, and its potential buyers.

Below are just 4 benefits associated with staging a home intended for sale.

1. Staged Homes Appear Professional and Well Maintained

One important advantage that staged homes have over empty alternatives is their professionally maintained appearance. As soon as a viewing begins, interested individuals are greeted with a clean, decorated space, which suggests the previous owners either maintained it well, or professional repairs were completed before bringing it to market. Strategically staging key areas can draw interest towards the positives of a space, while simultaneously detracting from potential negatives.

Another common strategy is simply to plant a sign about the sale on the front yard if traffic in the area is of a sufficient volume. There are countless resources and strategies available to generate buyer interest and ultimately lock in a viewing. For many sellers, however, the viewing is where they struggle to maintain buyer interest and ultimately lose a previously interested potential buyer.

2. They Help Paint a Picture of Life in The Home

Empty spaces leave little to the imagination, and can even make it more difficult for customers to imagine how they could utilize each space within the home. By providing a staged viewing experience, it’s possible to depict a specific type of lifestyle or suggest how specific spaces may be used. Although the chosen design may not appeal to every viewer, a well-planned staging plan is sure to help drive any individual viewers imagination and help to stimulate thoughts about how they may be able to establish their own ideal living space within the home.

3. Well Staged Homes are Proven to Sell Faster

Home listings that have undergone staging preparations before viewings are known to sell noticeably faster than the average empty space. As previously noted, staged homes appear more professional, and stimulate buyer interest by depicting a lifestyle within the home. These 2 factors come together to help drive more viewings, and receive more offers from impressed visitors.

4. Staged Homes Sell for More

Perhaps the most important advantage to consider when deciding whether or not to stage a home is the fact that staged homes drive higher prices. Depending on the home in question, and the quality of the staging, a professionally prepared home can sell for up to 20% more than it would otherwise. Such a huge increase in sales price is almost a no-brainer, as the investment required to actually stage a home is barely a fraction of the additional sales profit potential.

If you’re trying to move a home fast or to maximize the profit potential from its sale, it’s essential to understand how a professionally staged home can help make it happen. Invest some time and resources into staging your home for sale, and you’re guaranteed to get results.