8 Ways to Keep Your Work Environment Clean

Working in an industrial environment isn’t easy. Things are fast paced and can quickly get dangerous. Whether you’re working with large amounts of inventory or dangerous chemicals, keeping your workspace clean is essential. This post looks at 8 different things you can do to keep industrial work environments clean and safe.

1. Make A Point Of Keeping The Floors Clean

In a large factory or industrial environment, keeping the floors clear is essential. Because of the wide open spaces, it’s easy for dust and debris to accumulate quickly. Make it convenient for your staff to quickly clean up throughout the day by placing brooms and trash cans throughout the area. Debris on the floor is a safety hazard that can cause injury. Getting your staff to sweep as they work will help keep your floors clear.

2. Establish Regular Checks Of Your Machinery

When it comes to any piece of equipment or process that’s essential to your company, you need to schedule regular maintenance. Depending on what you manufacture, you may need to get an expert in on a regular basis to ensure you aren’t losing efficiency. Periodic troubleshooting and testing can save you from dealing with huge problems where no one knows what’s going on. Having a technician familiar with your machinery makes it easier to find a fix when something goes wrong.

3. Use Pressure Washing For Tough To Clean Areas

Pressure washing is an underrated method of keeping industrial environments clean. Pressure washing is great on concrete surfaces and the exterior of large machines. Pressure washing can also be part of your liquid waste disposal routine. Training your staff on how to use a pressure washer can be very convenient.

4. Install Mats At All Entrances

Installing matting at your entrances is a simple but effective way to keep your floors clean. People drag in all types of debris on their shoes on a daily basis, especially during the winter. Try installing matting within 15 feet of each entrance. Quality rubber matting will capture all the sand, ice melt and salt brought into the building.

5. Change Your HEPA Filters Regularly

In a business setting where you’re using your fans on a daily basis, you need to check your filters at least every six months. If your filters are heavily soiled when you’re changing them, try to increase the frequency. Using clean filters reduces how much energy your system has to apply to be effective.

6. Don’t Delay Cleaning Your Carpets

Regular carpet cleaning is a must, even if you don’t feel its dirty. Carpet has the unique ability to trap a ton of dust and debris that doesn’t come out even with repeated vacuuming. It’s worth regularly cleaning your carpets before winter arrives. Without regular cleanings, your carpets can soil the air quality in your facility.

7. Have Cleaning Supplies Equipment Available

When you’re asking employees to go above and beyond and sweep up when they have extra time, you need to make it easy for them. As mentioned above, try and have brooms and garbage cans readily available. Having paper towels, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer on hand are also good ways to promote a clean environment.

8. Manage Outdated Stock

When it comes to industrial clutter, the biggest offender is outdated stock. Your old, unsold items take up space and are magnets for dust. If you don’t take care of your inventory early, it can complicate your entire operation. Try and find a use for your old products. Whether you end up donating them or repurposing them, you can’t just let them take up space forever.