Why Does Vape Juice Change Colour?

You get to know your device and vape juices when you have been vaping for a while. If your pen or mod is not performing well, you learn what the problem is and go about fixing it, but changes in your e-liquid are a different story.

When you buy e juice Canada, you normally expect them to stay in a healthy and consistent colour. Vape juices changing colour can be puzzling. Did you get a bad batch, or is it normal? Fortunately, it is a natural process that happens for various reasons. Here’s why vape juice changes colour.

Vape juice changes colour because of the age.

When e-liquid is made, it usually has a clear to yellow tinge representing its freshness. As it matures during aging, there will be a colour change from yellow to light orange and through to dark orange. As more time passes, the liquid can get even darker, depending on the blend.

The vendor does not steep some low-end vape juices, which may continue darkening after you have bought them. Stick to high-quality brands to avoid this.

Vape juice changes colour because of storage issues.

Vape juice is a reactive fluid that is affected by light and heat. For this reason, it should always be stored in a cool, dark place like a closet, drawer or any other area that shields the light. Even heat from cooking can be an issue, so don’t store your vape juice near the stove or oven.

Some vape juice comes in clear bottles, so it is more vulnerable to exposure and must be carefully stored until you use it. There are manufactured cases to store vape juice, or even the fridge will keep it cool.

Nicotine is photosensitive and reacts not only to light but with other substances in the e-juice and causes a colour change over time. It doesn’t mean it has gone bad, it is just what happens, and old nicotine-containing juice can even become black. Some companies put in a preservative to slow down this process, but the high-end manufacturers don’t.

Menthol flavours have fewer compounds and therefore don’t darken much over time.
Sweet dessert flavours in many vape juices are there to please the palette but will also darken the juice faster and deeper.

Vape juice changes colour because of oxidization.

When exposed to oxygen, vape juice will change colour, especially the darker and sweeter juices. This is called oxidation, a chemical reaction from exposure to air, typically when refilling your tank. The exposure to heat in your atomizer also can change the colour because oxidization occurs faster.

This natural process is similar to peeling a potato or apple. Once exposed to oxygen and without the protection of the skin, the food turns dark. For your vape juice, consider it a natural occurrence that probably means fewer chemicals prevent oxidization.

Vape juice changes colour because of VG content.

Some juices use a higher vegetable glycerin ratio which causes the juice to darken under the high heat of the coil. It is a caramelization commonly referred to as “gunk,” which causes the liquid to get stained. As you use up the juice in the tank, it can turn from an amber to a dark brown and adding new vape juice only darkens it when mixed with the leftover gunk.

It is a good idea to clean your atomizer and tank when this happens so you have a clear liquid, but you will eventually need to replace the coil and wick.

Vape juice changes colour because of steeping.

Some users prefer to have their e-juice darker through the process of steeping. They store their vape juice for a few weeks before using it to let it breathe and will take the top off, shake the bottle and even heat the liquid during their storage time.

This can mature the vape juice, and it may take on a bolder, tastier flavour like in dessert blends. Other users feel it does nothing at all to enhance the taste. Over steeping is when the flavour has become too strong to the point where it tastes bad when vaped.

Remember that this natural change does not affect the quality of the vape juice; the colour change is only cosmetic and won’t hurt you. There is lots of money wasted by newer users because they think their e-juice has gone bad, tossing it out. It may appear thicker because of the darker tone, but there should be no difference in thickness, regardless of age or appearance.

Higher nicotine blends tend to darken faster at room temperature but can still be enjoyed fully. Sometimes the flavour can even be enhanced by the colour change.

So why does vape juice change colour? It’s just a natural process with storage and usage, so you must be ok with the change. You can still enjoy the flavour blends you choose without worrying about what colour they become.