How to Make Tires Shine in 6 Steps

Taking care of your car is a necessary action that must be done with care and love. Don’t just think that a simple car wash at the local shop will cut it. To really get the most out of your car, always be sure to review each vehicle component as meticulously as possible. Some upkeep has to do with performance, while others have to do with visual aesthetic.

Take, for example, the tires attached to your cars. While most of us may just think that keeping them full of air is standard, you can also improve their appearance. The lustre that your tires give off can be enhanced with a few, simple tricks.

To kickstart that specific process, use the following ways on how to make tires shine:

1. Tools and Equipment

You must have the right tools and equipment to make the tires shine. Any sort of cleaning activity, especially for your car, will have to be done as safely as possible. You should not underestimate the ability of some ingredients or materials to harm you in some way. If you are going the route of the do-it-yourself method, personal protective equipment is crucial.

For starters, you will want to protect yourself with some rubber gloves. You’ll be using your hands a lot, especially when the more vigorous scrubbing actions come about in the cleaning. Moreover, wear goggles as well, as there is a chance of some cleaning agents making contact with the eyes.

2. Baby Oil Solution

One of the most effective homemade cleaning agents that you can use to brighten your tires has to do with baby oil. Think of it as a means of pampering your tires, just as much as you would pamper your baby child. To start the process, use one cup of baby oil mixed with half a cup of water.

Add in a few drops of dish soap and mix the solution together. When applying it to your tires, you’ll want the solution to be placed into a spray bottle for adequate use. Spray the solution onto the tires, and then rub the area in question with some clean towels. With enough luck, the lustre will look highly appealing.

3. Lemon Oil

All sorts of tires will be made out of rubber in some form or fashion. Rubber is a highly durable material, but it is not invincible. As a result, try to keep this part of the tires in good condition, along with granting it a new shine. A lemon oil solution is a way to go in this regard.

Start by adding a few millimetres of lemon oil and dish soap together, followed by a couple gallons of water. Then, add some borax powder to the solution, and stir the concoction together. When scrubbing the solution onto the respective wheel, a brush will be the best way to go about this process.

4. Dish Detergent

In some cases, brightening the tire’s lustre can also bring about other benefits to your tires. Sometimes, you may find your tires squeaking while on the road after prolonged use. By using a dish detergent solution, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone essentially. First, add some dish detergent to a bucket of warm water.

Place the solution onto the tires, and scrub as vigorously as you possibly can. After five minutes have elapsed, rinse the wheel out, wipe them, and let them dry. The final step of the process includes applying castor oil with a lint-free cloth. Eventually, you’ll notice a brand new shine, with no squeak!

5. Castor Oil Solution

Speaking castor oil, the material on its own can be used as a cleaning agent while also brightening your tires. However, you’ll also want to get your hands on some rubbing alcohol to create an effective product. Wash your tires out entirely first, and then rewash them with the alcohol.

After some time has passed, clean out each tire with some castor oil applied on a lint-free cloth. The result is a highly effective solution for creating a brand new shine on your vehicle’s tires. Plus, you do not require any more ingredients than these two!

6. Professional Cleaning

Your car’s tires can only be cleaned out so much with the homemade solutions you have in your possession. In some cases, you might just have to save yourself the trouble, and go for a professional cleaning. Every aspect of the tires will be cleaned, resulting in a stellar shine.

The tires on any vehicle are often ignored when shining them up to the next level. However, don’t just ignore these parts of your car’s overall structure. By shining them using a particular method, heads will be turned to give your vehicle a second look!