10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a House in the World

Buying a house is not an everyday thing, being the reason why you should put your trust in the best real estate CRM, as you should always rely on professionals when it comes to making such a decision. However, if you want to know what are the most expensive cities to buy a house in the world, reading of this list will be quite enough, as we will deal exclusively with that. Be prepared to be astonished, as some of the cities on the list are almost impossible to be inhibited if you are not a multi-millionaire.  Actually, you try to go and live there, but buying a house may just remain in your dreams, as you need to spend the whole fortune in that process. It is why owning a house in these cities is the privilege of the rich and successful people, while other people usually live in rented apartments. However, the lack of money cannot prevent us getting to know more about these cities and real estate prices, so make sure to read our list to the end! We took some of the main information from the World Atlas, that presented the amount in a square meter of property that can be bought with $1 million USD in the following cities.

  1. Monaco

Monaco definitely takes the first place, as the amount of property in square meters that may be bought with $1 million USD is only 15.

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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong comes right after Monaco, and 20.60 is the amount of property in square meters that people choose to pay with $1 million USD.

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  1. London

London is also a very attractive city when it comes to house buyers, and here you may buy 25.20 square meters of property for $1 million USD.

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  1. Singapore

Singapore is among these incredibly expensive cities when it comes to real estate. If you want to buy 32.60 square meters in Singapore, you will need to pay $1 million USD for that.

View of Marina Bay skyline and shores from the water during sunset

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  1. Geneva

This city is dreamlike, so buying a property there is probably the dream of many people. However, not everyone can afford it, as the amount of 34.70 square meters costs $1 million USD.

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  1. New York

We would be surprised not to find New York on this list, as the amount of 40.20 square meters in this giant city costs exactly $1 million USD.

The skyline of Manhattan with the towering Empire State Building

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  1. Sydney

What’s New York for the USA, Sydney is definitely for Australia. If you want to buy a property in this city, you will have to pay $1 million USD for the amount of 41.20 square meters.

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  1. Paris

The city of lights is on the list of course, and the amount of 41.70 square meters in Paris will cost you $1 million USD.

View of the back side of Notre Dame and the Seine River in Paris

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  1. Moscow

This winter city is astonishing in every manner, and people who buy houses in it usually pay $1 million USD for 43 square meters.

High-rises in Moscow by the Moskva river on a cloudy day

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  1. Shanghai

Last but not least, Shanghai is on our list of most expensive cities to buy a house. In this giant city, you may buy 46.20 square meters for $1 million USD.

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