8 Decorating Tips to Personalize a Furnished Apartment

Renting a short-term furnished apartment is the ideal option if you’re travelling on business, you’re on a medical stay, you’re visiting for an extended vacation, you’re renovating your home, and in many other circumstances. Though the apartment is conveniently furnished for you, it might feel a bit impersonal. You can add some personality to the space and make it feel like your own with these tips.

1. Add Personal Items

The easiest way to make an unfamiliar space with unfamiliar furniture feel like home is to personalize it with small memories and personal items. You can easily pack picture frames, stuffed animals, trinkets, and your favourite coffee mug, throw blanket, or books in your suitcase. Though they might seem unnecessary, these items can make a temporary space feel more comfortable while you’re there.

2. Unpack

Since you’ll be in the furnished apartment for only a short while, it might be tempting to live out of suitcases, just as you would in a hotel room. Unpacking and placing all of your belongings in their rightful places can help you feel more comfortable in the space. Put your clothes in the dresser, your toiletries in the bathroom, and your books in the living room, and you’ll soon feel like you’re right at home.

3. Reposition the Furniture

As long as you return everything to its place once you leave, there’s no harm in rearranging the furniture into a position you prefer. If you’re used to having the night table on your left and it’s currently on the right of the bed, move it over. If you’re used to having the sofa facing north, move it over. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the space so you can place everything back where it belongs once you move out.

4. Bring in Some Plants and Flowers

There’s perhaps no better way to liven up a space and add some personality to it than to add greenery. Purchase some flowers for the kitchen table and some easy-to-maintain plants for the rest of the home. Greenery can make an impersonal space feel like a home.

5. Decorate the Walls

You may not want to repaint the entire apartment or drill large holes in the walls to put up artwork, but you can make a furnished apartment your own by putting up posters or lightweight artwork with removable adhesives.

6. Get New Sheets and Towels

Every furnished apartment will come with linens and towels, but you may not love them. They may not be what you’re used to. There’s no reason why you can’t store the already-existing towels and sheets in a dresser and replace them with ones that remind you from home. Though you may not realize it, towels and bedding can make a big difference in your comfort.

7. Change the Scent

Familiar scents can trigger warm, fuzzy memories. Bring a piece of home with you by packing your favourite diffusers or candles to light in your new short-term rental. A familiar scent can be a real comfort in an unfamiliar location.

8. Go Grocery Shopping

An empty fridge and bare cabinets can make a space feel less welcoming. Once you move into the rental apartment, go grocery shopping right away. Get your favourite meals and ingredients. Though it might be tempting to eat out for every meal since you’re out of town, just like you would if you stayed at a hotel, cooking your own meals can make you feel at home quicker. Plus, you’ll save money by making your meals at home. Furnished apartments come with well-equipped kitchens, so it’s a great idea to make home-cooked meals that make you think of your family back home.