6 Tips Before Getting Into Vaping for the First Time

Are you a smoker looking for a way to transition off tobacco? Maybe you’ve seen people blowing big plumes of smoke and wanted to try it for yourself or want to consume cannabis without offending people around you. Whatever the reason, vaping may be something you want to get into.

The world of vaping can be overwhelming with all the terminology and different types of devices, so here is a crash course on getting into vaping for the first time.

Know your vape devices

Since vaping hit the mainstream market in the early 2000s, there has been an evolution of devices. Let’s have a look at the different types of vape devices:


A cig-a-like (cigarette-like) has a look and feel of a real cigarette and was designed for smokers to make an easy transition to e-cigarettes. It is pretty basic with a rechargeable battery and cartomizer to store the e-liquid with some models refillable or disposable. They are easy to use and a great option for a first-time vaper.

Vape Pen

This device is more like the shape of a marker and has a refillable tank and rechargeable battery. The battery is larger than a cig-a-like, so it lasts longer between charges. They have tanks that you fill up with your choice of e-liquid, and they give you a lot more vapour. They cost a little more, but your e-liquid lasts longer.

Vape Mod

For a better vaping experience, a vape mod or box mod is the way to go. They have removable or built-in rechargeable batteries and have controls to personalize your vaping, like temperature control. A vape mod gives you the biggest battery and is designed for direct to lung inhaling.

Vape Pod

A vape pod is a new type of vaping device that uses disposable pods filled with different types of e-liquid. Vape pods are ultra-portable and compact with a rectangular shape. They come with either an auto-draw or one-button draw. It has two parts and is very easy to use, just like a coffee pod brewer. You just pop in a new pod, and you are good to go, so it’s a great way for a new vaper to start.

Expect effects after vaping for the first time

When you start vaping, especially if you have never smoked cigarettes, you will experience a few new things. These include a dry mouth as well as a dry nose and throat. The ingredients in e-liquids are hygroscopic, meaning they draw water in, so you may need to drink some liquids more often.

You will probably cough from vaping until you get used to it. Vapour is thicker than smoke, so the sensation in your lungs will be different. Over time you will get used to it.

Try different vape juices

There is an almost unlimited selection of e-juices to choose from with diverse flavours. For nicotine juices, you can get different strengths to match or decrease the amount of nicotine that you may have had from cigarettes.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin make up most e-liquids, and you can have different ratios that affect flavour and liquid thickness. You can also get cannabis e-liquid for THC and CBD uses, and all these types of juices and oils can be used in most vaping devices.

Maintain your vape device

Once you buy your vaping device, you need total good care. That means cleaning all the components regularly. Empty your tank and wash it in warm water once a month to remove residue that may affect your e-liquid’s quality and flavour. A cotton swab with rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning the outside and mouthpiece.

Your coil may need replacing every few weeks, depending on the device too. Make sure to fully charge your USB batteries, and if they are external, keep them dry and stored in a case.

Change vape flavours

Like most people, you will stick to your favourite e-juices. Over time you can develop a “vaper’s tongue” and lose the taste of the flavour. Switch up to a new e-liquid to give your taste buds a rest. It usually only lasts a few days, and then you can go back to it again.

Step up your oral hygiene

Vaping can leave residue on your teeth, gums and tongue, so you need to pay more attention to them. Besides brushing morning and night, use a mouthwash fully clean and disinfect your mouth. Brushing your tongue should also be done every night before you go to bed. Some e-liquids are pretty sweet, and all will leave some residue, so oral property hygiene is the key.

Vaping will take some getting used to, and you won’t be able to produce smoke art right out of the gate. Take your time and get used to the different devices and e-liquids, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the flavours and clouds with the best of them.