5 Tips Working With Golden Retriever Breeders

You decided a purebred golden retriever was the ideal dog for your family. You did your research, found a reputable Golden Retriever breeder, and spent weeks, if not months, communicating via email and phone, and meeting a few times, before the birth of your new puppy. Now that it’s time to take your new furry family member home, there are good reasons to keep up this regular communication with your breeder.

1. They’re a Valuable Resource of Information

Having a new puppy is an exciting time, but you might also be filled with concerns, worries, and questions. How do you get your new puppy to stop biting? How can you get them to socialize with other dogs? Having breed experience and expertise of a breeder can be invaluable as you raise your golden retriever. The breeder already knows your dog and everything about golden retriever temperament, behaviours, and more.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that you’ll have a great resource to go to if you have questions about any health issues. A breeder has a wealth of breed experience and may be able to help you pinpoint any problem.

It’s great to have someone aside from your vet to reach out to when you have questions or concerns as your dog grows up. Most breeders are happy to keep emailing and calling on a regular basis because they have their dogs’ best interests at heart and understand that every dog is unique, even if they’re from the same breed.

2. They Can Help with Training

Training a dog of any age and any breed can be difficult, and some individual dogs are tougher than others to train. Keeping in touch with your breeder, particularly in the first year or two, can enable you to better train your dog using breed-specific training tips and advice.

Your breeder may have even started training your puppy before his or her adoption. Staying in touch will give you the opportunity to keep training your puppy long-term using strategies your breeder already began used on the dog. The training process will be less stressful and frustrating with a breeder by your side.

3. You Can Share and Learn Bloodline Specifics

Knowing your dog’s bloodline can help you learn about potential issues or concerns early on—or give you peace of mind knowing that your puppy comes from a strong bloodline. Keeping in touch is also beneficial to the breeder, who can learn more about how your puppy progresses and find out about any health issues that may arise.

Although you certainly don’t need to report every change to your breeder on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s a good idea to keep them up to date on major changes. Even sending photos here and there can help the breeder better assess the bloodline.

4. You May Want Another Golden Retriever

You may eventually want to get a new friend for your dog—a new golden retriever. Keeping in touch with your breeder makes it easier than ever to adopt another dog, perhaps from the same bloodline. Successive lines often share similar traits and personalities, almost ensuring the two dogs get along perfectly.

5. You Need to Give up Your Dog

No one ever thinks they’ll need to give up their beloved best friend, but sometimes circumstances occur that require such a drastic measure. Of course, if you need to give up your dog, you’ll want to ensure they go to the very best family.

Your breeder will likely be more than willing to take back the dog, care for them, and find them a new family to ensure they’re properly cared for in the long term. It may even be in your contract to contact the breeder first if rehoming is required. Staying in contact will make this process easier for everyone.