5 Greatest Traits of Portuguese Water Dogs

The Portuguese water dog is a breed of working dog originally trained to herd fish into nets, retrieve broken or tangled fishing nets, and courier items from ship to ship. Over the years they have become a desirable family dog. The following traits of Portuguese water dogs may persuade you to adopt this adorable little pup for your family.

1. Active

Active dogs are extremely helpful no matter what your own personal energy level is. If you are already active, the dog you have can participate in activities with you and enjoy them. If you are not overly energetic, an active dog can force you to get the exercise you need.

Portuguese water dogs are a smart choice of breed because they are very active. Indicative of its name, they love to swim and are good at it due to their uniquely webbed feet. Portuguese water dogs enjoy long walks and jogs, giving them the mental and physical stimulation they need and enjoy. They are also known retrievers, meaning you can play fetch with them in water and on land and they will be perfectly content.

2. Friendly

Unless you seek a breed to guard your home or business, most people want a dog that is friendly and mild-mannered to add to their family unit. Being apprehensive of your dog being mean or biting someone will not make the experience of dog ownership as rewarding and enjoyable as it should be.

Portuguese water dogs are world renowned for their friendliness and loyalty towards their owners. They are great with kids and always up to playing with them in an appropriate manner. In the presence of other dogs and pets, the Portuguese water dog is pleasant and will not present any issues at all.

3. Allergy-friendly

It is extremely disappointing when your family is looking to adopt a dog but one member is allergic. This is a main reason why Portuguese water dogs are so popular.

Portuguese water dogs are perfect for people that struggle with allergies. Dogs that shed usually lose the hair from a second undercoat.

This type of water dog has one single, outer coat. This means that they do not shed and as a result, the hair that irritates people that have allergies does not get into the air. When you adopt a Portuguese water dog you can enjoy its company and still be sensitive to the needs of the family member or guest who has allergies.

4. Smart

When you get a puppy, it is a given that you will need to put in the time to housebreak it and train it to behave. However, when you are taking this time and seeing no results, it can be upsetting, frustrating, and make you wonder if the puppy will be in your family’s long-term plans.

Portuguese water dogs are a very smart breed. This means that they are able to pick up things you are trying to teach it quickly. This breed is known for its obedient and eagerness to please its master, meaning it will work hard to learn the things being taught.

5. Elegant

While dog breeds that lack aesthetics are charming, most people want a dog that is elegant and classy. If you fall into the latter category, then a Portuguese water dog is definitely worth your consideration.

Portuguese water dogs are characterized by thick, wooly coats that are either long and wavy or short and frizzy. This makes them soft to the touch, enticing people to pet them. Common colours are black, brown, or white. The Portuguese water dog sit and stands with its back straight and head up, giving them a classy, proud appearance.