10 Easy Ways to Meet People in a New City

Relocating to a new city can be a difficult and stressful experience, especially if you know absolutely no one in your new environment. Meeting new people and making new friends as an adult can seem complicated. Many of us believe that people our age are all too busy to make new acquaintances, and that they already have more than enough friends.

But is that really true? Probably not. After all, if everyone thinks others are too busy to make new friends, then no one is trying to reach out to new people, right? The good news is that you can meet people in a new city easily, as long as you put in the time and effort. With the help of corporate relocation services, you will have more time to focus on meeting people and making new friends in the city. Before you know it, your social circles will be packed with new acquaintances!

How do you meet people in a new city? These ten tips will show you how to make friends and meet people in a new city easily:

1. Talk to your friends and family members


Before you relocate to a new city, be sure to talk to your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbours, and to ask them if they know anyone in this area.

Maybe someone you already know has a friend or a relative in your new city, and could introduce you to each other. This is an easy way to make new acquaintances.

2. Chat with your neighbours and your coworkers

One of the best ways to meet people in a new city is to introduce yourself to your new neighbours and to chat with your coworkers.

After all, those are people you could be seeing everyday, or at least a few times a week. Maybe you have shared interests that could lead to a friendship, or maybe you could just enjoy chatting together.

3. Walk your dog

If you have a dog, you have an ally on your quest to meet people in a new city. Take your dog on a walk everyday, or go to a local dog park, where you are sure to meet with other dog lovers.

People will surely reach out to you, even if it’s only to ask you the name of your cute furry friend. From there, it’s easy to start a discussion.

4. Attend local events

Take a moment to go online, or to check the newspapers to learn about fun local events you could attend.

Whether you are interested in live music, in sports, or in art exhibitions, attending local events is sure to help you meet a lot of people who share your interests. If you go to a local show, for example, ask questions about the performers to the people you meet.

5. Go out and shop

Visiting local stores is also a good way to meet new people in a new city. These local stores usually contain people who share your interests, while supporting the local economy.

If you enjoy reading, a visit to a local bookstore could allow you to meet new book lovers, or even to learn about opportunities to join a book club or to attend the book launch of a local author.

6. Attend a class

Attending a class is sure to get you in a room full of people who share at least a few of your interests.

Are you interested in yoga, in swing dancing, or in martial arts? Would you like to learn a new language, or to start playing a new instrument? Join a class, and don’t be shy to tell other students that you are new in the city.

7. Connect with a local religious group

If you are a religious or spiritual person, you could meet new people by connecting with a local religious or spiritual group.

The routine of a religious or spiritual practice will comfort you while you adjust to your new environment, and you might be able to make a few friends who share your faith and your beliefs.

8. Volunteer for a cause you care about

Volunteering for a cause that means a lot to you can also allow you to meet new people and make new friends.

Whether you are interested in preparing meals for homeless people or in lending a hand to your local dog shelter, you will be doing something good for your new community while meeting people who also care about this cause.

9. Go to the restaurant alone

If you don’t like eating by yourself in public because it makes you look lonely, think again. If you are sitting alone in a restaurant or in a coffee shop, it will be easier for other people to approach you.

Who knows, perhaps you will end up sharing a table with another lonely eater, and realize that you have a lot in common.

10. Try something out of your comfort zone

If you feel like a few of the ideas on this list would take you out of your comfort zone, maybe this isn’t a bad thing.

It can be difficult to meet new people if you do the same things and go to the same places day after day. By trying something new and daring, you could meet interesting people that will help you expand your comfort zone even further.