5 Tips for Mixing and Matching Living Room Furniture

Nothing makes your living room come alive more than a carefully selected mix and match of furniture. While a case could be made for minimalist designs, this is not an excuse to stick to one décor style throughout your home. A living room spotting mix and match furniture exudes a fresh, modern and exquisite look that your visitors will instantly appreciate.

The mixing and matching, however, has to be professionally done to avoid potential problems. Picking up one piece of furniture here and another one over there, and then tossing them together in a haphazard manner could end up making your living room look like a grenade just blew up there. To bring order and finesse to your living room décor, the following tips should help.

1. Sketch Your Room Layout First

Before you start setting up your furniture, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen to sketch where each piece of furniture should go. Your sketch should factor a number of things such as the furniture or accent pieces that would compliment your living room design. Take your time to experiment with various sketches until you have one that works for you. At the end of the day, you will need a layout that is not only functional and appealing, but one that is ideally suited for you.

2. Have Your Colours in One Area

Whereas your individual pieces of furniture may feature different colours, you can arrange them in a way that makes them compliment rather clash with each other. To attain this pleasant easy-on-the-eye appearance, use basic colours that blend in perfectly while adhering to the area’s general theme. For instance, if your living room’s main theme is a sunset, furniture and décor featuring warm colours would greatly compliment this concept. To achieve the highest impact with your design, have such items in a hub to make the colours blend together in a central, united way.

You could decide to make a piece, or a group of furniture pieces, the main centrepiece of your living room by perfectly blending in their colours for that nicely-done themed design. Once you attain this colour grounding, every other piece of furniture or décor will have to reflect or fade off from that central theme.

3. Mix and Match Furniture Styles

You can take your living room décor to the next level by mixing more than just various colours. A splendid idea would be to bring in furniture pieces that complement other areas of your house such as a kitchen or a patio table in the place of a coffee table. You could also spice up your living room with a china cabinet to store your movies. Since these items are not your standard living room fixtures, they will stand out in a unique and way.

4. Accessorize for Impact

Your living room design can be wrecked by a poor execution of accessories. However, strategically placed accessories can lift your living décor to an entirely new level. For instance, you can pair an area rug of a particular colour and another accessory of a different colour to create an impressive living room design.

Think of throw blankets and pillows of different designs strategically placed in your living room to make it not only comfy but also nicely mismatched for impact. Featuring throw pillows of different textures, styles and colours can potentially accentuate your living room furniture and décor in an exciting way.

5. Maintain the Right Balance

As in life, the best compliment your living room can get is to be said to be balanced. The colours, textures, tone, scale and even the height of your furniture should be balanced. This creates a semblance of order and symmetry that enhances your living room design. Everything must fit in together nicely and comfortably.

When creatively done, mixing and matching your living room furniture and décor gives your home a sophisticated look and feel. A combination of furniture colours, textures and styles interspersed with complimentary accessories will definitely draw a number of wows from your guests.