5 Home Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

It is easy to think of your home as your castle. Impregnable and safe from entry from anyone who is unauthorized. The truth is far more unsettling. Many homes are burgled and the first thing that you will hear the homeowner say is that they thought they had a good security system.

You will no doubt be aware of many home security tips. You will have learned them from a very early age. As an adult and parent, you’re aware of and practice basic home safety. There may be a few additional things that you can do to ensure that your home is fully protected. Read on to learn more…

1. Make sure your kids know not to answer the door

Unless they know who it is. This can be a difficult conversation to have with a child, especially if they are very young. It is something of a balancing act between, always be polite and never open the door to a stranger. If in doubt, it is always best to encourage them to err on the side of not opening the door to your home.

You should also follow this rule to the letter. Just because someone has knocked on your door, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically let them in. This is especially true if you are home alone.

2. Don’t tell everyone the disarm code for your alarm

Not everyone needs to know the code to your alarm, not even your kids. If you do decide to tell them you must impress upon them the need for secrecy. If they are too young to understand this concept then it might be best not to tell them the code.

3. It’s not just about burglars

There are other dangers to the safety of your home than outside threats. You should always make sure that your smoke alarms are working and placed throughout your home. This is not a joking matter and should be taken very seriously. If you are unsure if you have enough smoke alarms in your home, then you should speak with the local fire department or ask an expert.

The same is true for carbon dioxide detectors. These are just as important if not more so. Carbon dioxide has no smell and can kill within minutes.

4. Close the garage door

The garage door can provide easy access to your home for petty thieves and serious burglars alike. It is important to close this even when you are home. Even for the casual observer, a thief will be able to see what is in your garage and if anything is worth taking. Many will see an open garage as an open invitation to take what they want. Someone scouting the neighbourhood will remember your house. Not because the garage door was left open, but because it appears that you don’t take home security seriously.

5. Get to know your neighbours

You may think that nosy neighbours are annoying. They can actually help to prevent thieves from entering your home. It doesn’t hurt to make friends with your neighbours. You can even formalize arrangements with a Neighborhood Watch program.

Whether formal or informal, promise each other to be vigilant. If an alarm goes off in your area, don’t ignore it. By no means should you go and investigate, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on the house. If you see anything suspicious then you should call the police. If it was your house you would probably want your neighbours to do the same.