5 Different Types of Locks For Your Home

Times have changed since your parents and grandparents were young. The days of leaving your home or vehicle unlocked while you were home or away are long gone for most property owners. Today, keeping your home safely secured from unwanted visitors is the norm.

Whether you are home or not, locking your doors with high quality systems is essential today. Residents want the best security features available to help protect their loved ones and assets from intruders.

Secure locking devices come in a variety of sizes, colours, features, and costs. Some are more effective while others are more decorative. For most homeowners, a door lock should be stylish and break-in proof. Knowing what to look for when buying a new locking system will help you protect your property.

1. Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are more commonly found in apartment style buildings but some home owners prefer them as well for their interior and exterior doors. Levers are easier to open than classic knob locks but provide more security. Lever handles use a latch and basket style locking system. They can be sold as individual units or as part of a dual latch and deadbolt system for extra protection.

2. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are single cylinder locking systems where a latch or key is used to rotate the cylinder inside a premade basket or hole in the door frame. Bolt locks are safer than one key generic knob locks because they cannot be easily opened by sliding something between the frame and door.

Deadbolt locking devices come in a variety of styles and prices. They can be sold as a single unit locks or part of a two system door fixture. Most do not require a professional locksmith to install or rekey the lock, but you may need to call a locksmith for help in some cases.

3. Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolt locks have one cylinder that slides vertically down through two metal holders instead of horizontally into a basket precut into the side of the door frame. Jimmy proof’s are best used on two door entranceways because both parts attach to the door’s external surfaces rather than inside the unit. Jimmy bolts are more secure than standard deadbolt systems because of the vertical locking and interior surface locking design.

4. Keyless Locks

Keyless locks are locking systems that do not use the classic mechanical key system to unlock the device. Non-key locking systems are also called remote locks, remote keyless locks, electronic locks, and remote entry locks.  The entry system is activated by a remote or preprogrammed numerical code. This type of lock is found in homes and automobiles. Home electronic door lockers come in different sizes, designs, colours, and prices.

5. Smart Locks

With today’s technological advances, it was only a matter of time that smart locks would be designed. This locking system is similar to a keyless entry lock but is attached to your handheld applications. Homeowners can lock and unlock their doors using their phone or other handheld device instead of a key fob or remote. Smart locks have different opening features depending on the brand including numerical, finger print, and voice activation.

The days of leaving your home unlocked without worry of an uninvited guested walking in are long gone. Today, securing your property to protect your home and valuables is vital. Whether you are in your residence or not, keeping your doors locked with a high quality locking system is mandatory. Where standard turning knobs and key locking units used to be the norm, nowadays property owners are using more secure and sophisticated products to keep their residential space safe and secure.