7 Design Tips to Enhance Your Workspace

Working in the same place on a daily basis can quickly get stale. But if you can surround yourself with things that remind you why you work, it’s much easier to arrive motivated and ready to go. Here are seven different things you can do to enhance your workspace!

1. Add Art

Art is an excellent way you can add color to your workspace. Art is also excellent at reminding you why you’re at work in the first place. Whether it’s art your children made, a family portrait or a painting that’s meaningful to you, art can add some good energy to your work area. Try and bring something that reminds you to smile and that your problems are smaller than they seem.

2. Use Desktop Friendly Plants

Plants are still an underrated way to improve a improve a room. Adding plants to your work area will help you purify the air. Because plants release oxygen, they have a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Stay away from rubber trees and opt for the real thing. Try bringing in English Ivy, Asparagus Fern or Jade plant to your office. Make sure you check with your co-workers to make sure you won’t be aggravating any allergies.

3. Add Accessories For Long Hours Of Sitting

Sitting is horrible for your body and can cause severe problems if you’re not careful. In addition to standing up and walking around regularly, it’s also worth adding in some accessories that will help you combat long hours of sitting. Seat cushions and stationary bike pedals can relieve back pain and help keep blood flowing. You may also want to use a yoga ball as a chair if you’re having lower back problems. Getting a personal air cooler is also an excellent idea for muggy summer days.

4. Prepare A Secret Stash

You’ll thank yourself if you build up a stash of snacks that only you know about. This stash will come in handy during late nights or if one of your co-workers is suffering. Try equipping your work area with non-perishable snacks, instant coffee and other treats that you enjoy. Having this secret stash will help you overcome afternoon slumps and encourage you to power through the end of the day.

5. Make Use Of A Calendar

Having a physical calendar may seem old school but its a great reminder of what you have to get done. Whiteboard calendars are excellent for helping you stay organized. You can quickly jot down your notes and reminders, and since you have them in plain sight, you’ll be less likely to forget. The simple act of physically writing something down also makes it stick out more in your mind.

6. Add Light At The Desktop Level

Illuminating your work area is a great way to customize the ambiance. Regular lights work well, but colored lights let you truly control the appearance of your work area. Adding a dimmable light will help reduce the strain on your eyes from staring at your screen all day. Having a nice light on your desk is also great for those depressing rainy days where you don’t really want to do anything. You can also string up fairy lights or LED light strips around your work area for extra flair.

7. Stay Organized

Staying organized is the best way to improve your work environment. If you can’t see your desk when you arrive in the morning, you have a problem. Consider buying desktop organizers to keep your documents, pens, and notes under control. You should also rearrange your desk on a regular basis to find what works best for you and keep things fresh.