5 Important Facts About Elevator Security

You cannot be too careful when it comes to elevator security. With the rise in crime rates, everyone is looking to be as safe as possible. From traditional methods such as reinforced doors to more sophisticated methods such as an elevator video system, there is a lot that can be done to keep you safe. Visit Mad Elevator if you would like to learn more. Here are just a few of the reasons why a business should be thinking all about elevator safety.

1. Controlled Access

If a business decided to use smart cards along with their corresponding readers, they can completely control who is able to use the elevator. Perhaps certain elevators can only be used by certain personnel or only certain people are allowed on certain floors. This can all be controlled instantly and in real-time with smart cards.

2. Eye In The Sky

When people know they are being watched, they are far less likely to commit a crime. Therefore, a business that partakes in installing an elevator video system within their building will see a dramatically reduced incidence of violence and thuggery.

3. Watching The Bottom Line

By installing reliable security systems for the elevator system, a company can greatly reduce the cost of their other security enhancements. For instance, fewer human staff would be needed to patrol the area since cameras can be installed to monitor virtually every nook and cranny. These cameras can then be monitored by a limited number of staff members.

4. Insurance Purposes

Whatever insurance company the business uses may insist on having certain types of security for their elevator system. This is especially true for such places as hotels, where there is a high amount of foot traffic on a 24-hour basis. In cases of emergencies, it can be set up so that only emergency personnel can get to any particular part of the building.

5. Power Supply

An often overlooked part of elevator security is the benefit of being able to monitor power issues. If the power goes out, an electronic security system can let the appropriate personnel know so they may promptly fix the issue.

As with any security system, knowing how to operate it and having people who can adequately respond to emergencies is key. By ensuring everyone on the premises of the business is safe and sound, a company will generate good will not only with their partners but with the public as well.