11 Best Box Decoration Ideas for Brands

A box is such a handy type of packaging. Yet it can be so boring to look at. Any brand considering a box for their packaging, in this day and age where custom product packaging is expected, best be looking at box decoration ideas that can help maximize the aesthetic.

A multitude of possibilities exist. How you heighten the vibe of your packaging should be right for your brand. Here are eleven box decoration ideas that aren’t very expensive and work:

Idea #1: Audience

Before we dig into specific materials and strategies for decorating a box, keep in mind your audience. Some decorations will resonate, and others won’t, depending on their age, income, geographic location, and values. You wouldn’t decorate a box with a children’s toy in the same style as a perfume box.

Idea #2: Ribbons

All brands use ribbons made from fabric or satin to adorn their gift boxes, particularly as it relates to luxury goods. This is an excellent example of a material that’s ideal for one particular industry but which may not make much of an impact on other products. How ribbon wrapping is done also has an impact. These are all things to consider in box decorating.

Idea #3: Custom Tape

Custom tape is affordable, easy to print, and can be applied liberally across any box in a configuration of your choosing. Custom tape is often used as a seal over any box opening, using Amazon as an example of this. Branded packing tape would replace regular packing tape, getting your brand more exposure even while shipments are in transit before they ever arrive.

Idea #4: Textures

Depending on the box or packaging, you may want to consider playing with texture. Adding a 3D piece of paper or cardboard, a 3D sticker, or sticking on a craft shape are examples of how one can decorate using texture. This is another way to ultimately craft a unique unboxing experience.

Idea #5: Typography

Outside of any graphics, you intend to use to decorate a box, the typography you choose to feature text matters. Most product box designs incorporate some form of typography. The font size and style should be appropriate for the audience and reinforce your brand identity, in line with any logo, graphics, or other materials that may decorate the box or be included in the packaging.

Idea #6: Tissue Paper

To add some functionality and decorate the inside of the box, tissue paper is a go-to. It comes in several colours, is widely available and cheap, and tissue paper can add a lot to the presentation of unboxing the product. You can also repurpose other paper types if there’s a way to do that. Anything like tissue paper inside adds important protection to a more fragile product.

Idea #7: How It Opens

Though this plays more into box design, it also should factor into how you decorate the box. Opening a box naturally will present what’s inside in a certain way. Use this. Decorate what’s outside and inside, keeping in mind that the person opening the box will see it differently. If there’s any writing to feature on the box, this is more important.

Idea #8: Box Printing

A simple and easy way to box decorate is to do box printing. This is when you print directly on the box. It’s creative but doesn’t often serve the impact we often think. Even brands like Amazon choose to go with custom tape, other branding methods and decorating packaging that isn’t box printing. This is another way you can do in dressing up box packaging.

Idea #9: Stamps

An alternative to digital printing on a packaging box is to use a stamp. This is a fun and personal way to decorate a box. A stamp can be made to be colourful, simple, detailed, large, small, patterned, or whatever you need. A stamp applies easily and dries quickly. This is a perfect way to add something like a guarantee or certification.

Idea #10: Custom Stickers

Stickers are a little different than tape. Stickers do not serve more of a function than simply decorative. There are all sorts of stickers out there, including branded stickers. While custom packaging tape can be used liberally, you want to be more careful with stickers. Overusing this decoration can make the packaging look overly cheap.

Idea #11: Minimalist Color

Minimalism is trendy today for a reason. Some boxes only have a logo and a few other pieces of information. This isn’t elaborate packaging, for the most part. The decorative elements are few and far between. The logo often sits front and center. Then, the contents of the package are outlined, i.e. ingredients, expiration dates, a product description, instructions on how to use a product, and the like. These are all options for how to decorate your box.