7 Surprising Facts About Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are cool, there is no denying that. They always have been, and they always will be. They are a timeless material choice for a jacket and while styles may change there is one thing that you can be sure of, a leather jacket is an investment in your own personal style that you will never forget.

If you are still on the fence about whether you need a leather jacket or not, read on to learn more about the many surprising facts about leather jackets.

1. They protect you from injury

High-quality leather jackets give you much more than an upgrade to your look. They give you protection. Leather is a very tough material and provides a barrier between your skin and the outside world. They are so good at protecting your body that many bikers will often wear leather as a means of protection should they ever fall off their bikes.

2. They’ve been around for some time

Leather jackets and leather clothing are nothing new. They have been the material of choice for everything from armour to weather poof options for centuries. Leather was worn under suits of armour to make the soldier more comfortable while they carried around huge metal plates. More recently, leather was worn a lot by pilots as a means of keeping warm at high altitudes before climate controlled cockpits were invented. Their practical applications aside, leather is natural and versatile and has been used for many different applications over time. It is showing no signs of going anywhere as its popularity continues to increase.

3. A leather jacket is good for all occasions

A leather jacket can be worn to a formal or a casual event depending on the style of it. It is this versatility that allows you to really get your money’s worth out of the purchase.

4. They can take a beating

A leather jacket is able to be worn for long periods of time and can take a significant pounding over the years. High-quality leather that is well looked after can last you decades. They are highly resistant to damage, and over time any of the additional wrinkles or fading will continue to add character to it. In fact, leather jackets that look brand new are often not the style that is in favour.

5. They come in any size

As leather jackets are a premium item of clothing you can expect a certain level of service and customization when it comes to how it will fit. The best clothes are the ones that fit. Finding a leather jacket that fits you perfectly will not be a challenge especially if you are dealing with a reputable vendor.

6. Leather jackets are water resistant

One of the main benefits to wearing a leather jacket is that you will be able to enjoy a waterproof jacket and not need to think about how it will react to getting wet (As long as you dry it off when you get home). Leather is a very durable material and you will be able to enjoy your jacket in all weather conditions and seasons.

7. It’s a great value for money

If you think about all of the jackets that you will need to buy over the years, they will often fall into disrepair after a few years of use. Leather does not do this. You will be able to wear your premium leather jacket for many decades and it will continue to look great.