7 Grooming Tips for Business Professionals

Looking presentable is the bare minimum in most industries. It’s not a coincidence that all the top-level executives have a firm grasp on their outfits. No matter what field you’re in, your outfit says a lot about you and determines how people perceive and judge you.

Dressing well makes it easy for people to trust you and helps to build your confidence. Use these seven tips to your advantage to improve your appearance at work.

1. Keep Your Fingernails Looking Clean

There’s no explanation that sounds good for dirty fingernails. Not that anyone is going to ask, they’re just going to make a mental note about the condition of your hands. Do yourself a favor and keep your fingernails clean. Trim your nails low on a regular basis. Women should avoid nail extensions and overly long nails. Nails that qualify as “business professional” are coated with neutral colors.

2. Make The Fit Of Your Clothes A Priority

If you don’t believe that the fit of your clothes makes a difference, try an experiment next time you’re shopping. Pick up the same shirt in your size and a size larger (or smaller). When your clothes are too tight your risk looking silly. When your clothes are baggy, you look sloppy and unprofessional. Clothes that fit properly show off your physique and help you look professional.

3. Keep Your Facial Hair Under Control

Facial hair by itself is not an affectation. Your beard or mustache will only help you look better if you take proper care of your facial hair. Invest in a beard cream to prevent your face from drying out. Make sure you wipe your face on cold days where icicles start to form on your beard. Keeping your facial hair lined up and under control will enhance your outfits. If you have unwanted facial hair, the laser hair removal procedure can make getting ready for work easier.

4. Keep A Bag With Some Basic Grooming Supplies

You never know when you’ll need some quick help at work. Keeping some supplies on hand will allow you to quickly retreat to the bathroom and fix your appearance. Keep a bag with some travel-sized mouthwash, mints, and a comb. It’s also a good idea to walk with moisturizer to avoid having your hands and face appear dry. Bringing extra chapstick is also a good idea.

5. Invest In Some Accessories

Tasteful accessories will help make your outfits look even better. Wooden watches are an excellent example of a tasteful accessory that won’t stand out too much.  Avoid wearing jewelry that makes noise when you move. Keep your earrings simple and opt for matte colors instead of the shiny look.

6. Pay Attention To Your Posture And Body Language

Believe it or not, your body language can make or break your outfit. Poor posture leaves you looking unconfident and unreliable. Standing up straight, smiling and approaching situations with confidence helps people feel comfortable around you. Avoid folding your arms and always give people your full attention. If you’re confident in your abilities and enjoy your outfit, it’s easier to appear confident.

7. Dress For Success

Don’t follow the dress code just because you have to. Embrace being well dressed. It’s easier to feel confident and full of energy when you’re dressed well. Keep your clothes free of wrinkles and stains. Don’t fall into the cycle of wearing the same thing over and over “because it’s all you have.” Buy at least one new piece each month to add to your wardrobe. Embrace dressing well, and the rewards will follow.