Weddings are Ohh So Beautiful

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A quick post sharing some pictures from a recent wedding/Valimah we attended of a good friend.



Centerpiece and apple cider. We were waiting for a toast but then just used it as a prop.IMG_1266IMG_1277IMG_1307  A picture with the beautiful couple and my family. IMG_1325IMG_1327IMG_1249

|HOOTN deets|

Hijab/Scarf- Navy maxi hoojab from Pearldaisy | Headpiece/jewelry- Sparkled Hijab and Accessories on Facebook/Instagram | Outfit & Statement Ring- from India | Shoes- Steve Madden

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2 Thoughts on “Weddings are Ohh So Beautiful

  1. Your look soooo lovely in that gorgeous dress and hijab accessory! Masha’Allah. And to think some of our Muslimah sisters think we can’t look pretty and fashionable in hijab!

    • Ayesha on 5 October, 2013 at 11:19 am said:

      Aww thank you! I completely agree, hijabi sisters can be just as fashionable and pretty as anyone else and still be completely covered.

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