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Hello everyone & happy hump day!


While it’s the middle of the week we are still unpacking from our Florida vacation. Apparently, we had more luggage flying back then we did going and that was mainly due to the heavy wedding outfits, shoes, gifts received, and of course all my personal stuff I decided to finally bring back with me to Chicago that I left at my Dad’s house. I originally thought it was a few miscellaneous items and maybe a week’s worth of clothes but I was completely wrong as I still had several weeks worth of outfits, shoes, accessories, books, new Pakistani outfits and gifts still waiting for me. I told the husband I had to take all of it back with me so somehow we managed to bring it back but now I just have to magically create more closet and storage space- simple!

As promised, today I will share snaps from my brother’s wedding. Perhaps some of you have already seen these pics if you follow me on other social media sites, but I will share some that were taken from my iPhone and reserved for the blog.

Most of the outfits worn at my brother’s wedding were my own bridal outfits. Pakistani bridal outfits are quite heavily styled with stones, and are not always suitable to wear again as you don’t want to commit the cardinal sin of trying to outdo the bride. I do follow the American rule “don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding” or in Pakistani/Indian tradition “red/maroon” as I consider it taboo (others may disagree). However, lucky for me my brother’s wife wore a beautiful hot pink & deep purple bridal on the wedding reception/shaadi day therefore I committed no such cardinal sin.

I encourage wearing your bridal outfits to close family or friends wedding, because after all you spent tons of money on them, but just make sure with the bride that she is ok with you wearing your heavy outfit.

Wearing my bridal wedding outfits this summer and my husband wearing his outfits from our wedding gave flashbacks of the wonderful time and memories that were created during our own wedding. Additionally, we were able to take some cute couple snaps without the craziness and stress from our own wedding. The only outfit that isn’t from my wedding is the navy blue sari worn at my brother’s Valimah. All the ladies decided to wear sari’s in all shades of blue to match the color theme of the Valimah. Enjoy!














Have you gotten a chance to wear your wedding bridals again?

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