Wear it Wednesday | A little Leopard at the Art Institute of Chicago


Happy Wednesday!

The husband and I visited The Art Institute of Chicago last week by taking advantage of the free admission on Thursday’s for Illinois residents. It was the first time we were visiting and weren’t aware of the massiveness of the museum. The free admission hours are from 5-8 pm, and since we arrived after 6pm we scanned around the galleries mostly. But I plan to visit their new exhibit on Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity. Enjoy our day in pictures!

Hijabi outfit of the day consisted of black, red, gold details and a little leopard. I have worn these pieces separately several times but I’m always a little hesitant to wear this leopard bag because I think it’s too much animal print. But I love animal print, and do consider it a neutral so will have to incorporate more leopard in my outfits.


Of course, being silly with one of the paintings. I didn’t notice at the time but the lady in the painting is wearing red and black headscarf too!



I was loved the fact that there were ipad’s in some of the galleries that gave detailed pictures and information about the pieces. In the bottom picture, I was amazed at how high the jousting stick really was. It was even hard to capture it in the full picture.IMG_1152IMG_1155IMG_1158 
This gallery featuring armory was probably the husband’s favorite area since he said the pieces were “real” as apposed to the paintings. IMG_1161IMG_1166IMG_1170
I was in awe after seeing Claude Monet’s self-portrait as his paintings have been my favorite for many years. Especially the water lily paintings in the next few pictures.IMG_1175                   
Seeing the paintings up-close in person is so different than seeing it online or in a picture, you truly see the detail’s and admire the work even more. IMG_1182IMG_1184IMG_1188IMG_1190IMG_1206IMG_1216IMG_1221IMG_1228
There are a lot of beautiful paintings and galleries with every type of art imaginable at the museum, and spending a whole day to admire everything The Art Institute of Chicago has to offer will be well worth the time especially if you appreciate art.IMG_1245

|HOOTD deets|

Hijab/Scarf- unbranded | Blazer- Alcala’s boutique (local) | Top- Nordstrom rack | Jeans- The Limited | Bag- Maxx New York (old from QVC) | Necklace & bracelet – H&M | Shoes- Sole Society

I hope you enjoyed our day in photograph’s and remember leopard is a neutral so do try it out!

Have a great Wednesday!

2 Thoughts on “Wear it Wednesday | A little Leopard at the Art Institute of Chicago

  1. I love all your topics and truly enjoy your style combinations!!! I am happy to see the new photos and that you joined the DSLR fam. I myself have a Nikon and I love it!

    • Yay! Thank you for checking out my blog! I truly appreciate it and love your feedback. Please visit more. And DSLR camera’s are really great.

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