Maui – Hawaii

We arrived in Maui Tuesday evening. Maui had a bigger airport and seemed more populated and industrial than The Big Island even though it is a smaller island. We rented a regular sedan (you really don’t need a bigger car in Maui) and drove to our hotel. This hotel was not as good as the one on The Big Island but it was still decent. We noticed there were more tourist, more traffic and more expensive hotel rooms.

P.S. Again, have a GPS, hiking shoes, clothes for cold weather and higly recommended “Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

Day 1 – 09/05/2012:

Road to Hana


Day 2 – 09/06/2012:

Hialeah Kea mountain



Day 3 – 09/07/2012:





At the end, we think Maui had better beaches and more suitable if you want to go snorkeling, para sailing, surfing and etc. we are not typical lay around on the beach with a pina colada and do nothing else couple but rather we like exploring the city and doing activities.

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