Travel Diary | Colorado – 1


Peace be upon you

Over the winter break the husband and I visited Colorado. We explored the charming state and all that it had to offered – we weren’t disappointed. Here are a few snapshots of our trip. I will be dividing it up into two post – this one will have snaps from our time in Denver, Georgetown, Loveland ski area, and our visit to the famous Rocky Mountain National Park!


A local mountain biking in Denver. This sport takes major dedication. We were impressed.


The husband testing out the frozen lake where many locals were ice fishing and having a picnic.


Many locals and tourist were ice racing on this frozen lake. We thought they were crazy! Yes, those are jeeps…on a lake!


The husband suiting up to go skiing in Loveland.


I look like a big blueberry in this ski gear. We couldn’t take snaps while skiing due to all the gear we ended up with only one snap of us. Boo hoo!


The beautiful ski area during sunset.


Rocky Mountain National Park


Map of places to visit in the Rockies.


Beautiful snow covered mountains and me.IMG_1698


The husband and I and the snow covered mountains.




Up close and personal with wildlife at the RockiesIMG_1781


How pretty is this!


Pictures don’t do just to the beauty of Colorado.

By the way, Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late but my year doesn’t start till February- mainly because it’s a special month for the husband and I and of course there’s Valentines day! Celebrations all month long for us!

Also, I will only be posting when time permits. I have lots of fun things to share, however grad school keeps me pretty busy so most times I just don’t get time to put together these posts. Lastly, the blog will be going through some “construction” Insha’Allah will keep you all posted.

Thank you for visiting!!!

2 Thoughts on “Travel Diary | Colorado – 1

  1. All the pictures are so beautiful! However, should I be asked to select a favorite, I’d pick the last picture. The place reminds me of Gulmarg (in India), minus the wildlife 🙂

    Oh, those jeeps on the lake looks scary! What if the ice breaks? That is something I probably would never attempt 😀

    • Ayesha on 9 February, 2014 at 6:37 pm said:

      Thank you so much! We had a great time I guess because we’re such suckers for pretty scenic spots. Oh wow! Really? I’ve never been to Gulmarg, but I believe you that it must be just as amazing.

      I totally agree! I for one did not even try stepping on the frozen lake! I was a bit curious about the jeeps racing on the lake though, it looked almost like racing on sand dunes except this was on ice! yikes!

      InshahAllah you are doing great in beautiful UAE!

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