Top 10 Summer 2013 Movies & Updates

Happy Sunday everyone!

Bye, bye Summer and welcome Fall! Well, technically Fall started on September 22 but I was pretending it was still Summer, and also around that time I officially became uber busy with grad school. I’m loving being back in school and therefore apologize in advance for the lack of posts. I haven’t been able to even hang out with the husband (*tear tear*) because while it’s only been a few weeks of school it definitely feels like a lot more. I’ve already taken several quizzes and even my first exam this past week and two more are coming up. This is my first time in a quarter system and boy, does it go fast!

Enough about me and lets discuss all the amazing movies that came out this Summer! The husband and I were discussing which ones were our favorite and we were both quite surprised that we watched so many great movies. Our list of “watched” movies was longer but we narrowed it down to our 10 favorite.

These movies are in no particular order because the husband and I do have slightly different opinions on movies and which ones would rank top on our individual lists.

|Top 10 Summer 2013 Movies|

Ironman 3 (read our movie review here)


The Great Gatsby (one of the movies I watched without the husband)


Star Trek Into Darkness (read our movie review here)


Fast and the Furious 6 (read our review here)


Man of Steel (read our movie review here)


Monster University (one of the movies the husband watched without me)


World War Z


Pacific Rim


Wolverine (read more here)


Elysium (read more here)


If you didn’t get a chance to catch these while playing in theater then I’m sure they will soon be available to rent, if not already available on DVD/Blue Ray. We will definitely be adding these to our movie collection.

What were some of your favorite movies of Summer 2013?

Thank you for visiting & hope you have a very warm & cozy Fall!

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