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Today for Food for Thought Thursday I will discuss high end designers. I know all of us have window shopped and browsed online collections from Chanel, Gucci, Georgio Armani, Burberry, Christian Dior, Prada, Valentino, etc. because we’ve all lusted over their beautiful fabrics, designs and coveted many of their collections at one point or another.

As you all know here at AnUblog we are all about modest fashion. Soon after I moved to Chicago I found myself window shopping high end designers on Michigan Avenue and admiring all the chic ladylike collections. Regardless of which high end designer I admired I noticed they focused highly on clothes that showed little skin and modest fit while being nicely tailored. When I browse these designer collections I visually imagine how easily they can be transformed into a hijabi outfit by simply adding a head scarf/hijab or coat or slim pants/leggings/etc.



I was visiting one of my favorite blog’s and style inspiration Style Pantry where Gucci’s 2014 Resort Collection was featured and again I couldn’t help but admire all the ladylike modest outfits. At times when we think of high end fashion we associate it with snobby or stuffy personalities, yet all these well dressed men and women adorning luxury designers look very polished and chic. While it’s impossible for many of us to wear head-to-toe designer and it is also harder to maintain many luxury items, why not just take inspiration from these designers rather than high street fashion?

High street fashion which is readily available to all of us, are very pocket friendly, and many times (stores like forever 21, H&M and Zara) are known for creating dupes of items from high end designers, however mainstream fashion still isn’t modest fashion, and very easily can a modest fashionista get overwhelmed at a high street store feeling like there is nothing chic and ladylike to wear.

My personal opinion is there is more to high end designer than just their high price tags or it could be that there has been a major shift into more ladylike fashion and it will eventually trickle down into mainstream fashion- just like every other fashion trend (or maybe I can be hopeful.)

What are your thoughts on this high end vs high street fashion?

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P.S. All photos were taken by me,Ayesha, when I visited LA back in 2010 with my family.

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