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Eid Card Set & Ramadan Planner by Organized Muslim

Hi all!

Eid Mubarak card setEid al-Fitr is right around the corner, and not far behind is Eid al-Adha. I feel each year both Eid’s come so fast that I don’t have time to prepare before hand, nor can I ever find nice cards that I can give to my family and friends.  These contemporary cards were sent to me by The Organized Muslim, and they perfectly fit the bill.

Eid card setFathima is the creative brains behind The Organized Muslim, and she is located in Sri Lanka! The Organized Muslim are creators of chic & beautifully designed planners and stationery goods with an Islamic theme.

contemporary eid cardsThis Eid card set, which I was sent for review, has eight single sided card’s measuring 4 x 6 inches, and they come with eight cream colored envelopes. Each of the eight cards are brightly colored with a different design, but with the same Eid Mubarak message (so will work for both Eid’s) in the front, and blank on the back so you can add a personal message. This is a great set to have on hand to mail out, or give to friend’s hosting Eid parties, or just to give along with Eid present’s/eidee.

Ramadan PlannerAside from contemporary stationery, The Organized Muslim has created a free Ramadan Planner available for download here. As soon as I was told it was “free” I downloaded it to review it, and tell all my reader’s about it. While Ramadan is more than half way complete, I feel that organization is needed during the last ten day’s when we are trying to take the most advantage of Ramadan by concentrating on doing extra prayers, and recitation of Quran. As I can easily lose track of what needs to be done I think this planner is really beneficial because you can plan out your meal’s for the week before hand, then write down your dua list, surah’s you want to recite and even a daily sadaqah tracker. If you like to stay organized by writing stuff down, then definitely download this free planner.

Contemporary Ramadan planner freeThe Organized Muslim will be participating in the International giveaway coming up later this week so stay tuned. Until then be sure to follow them on their Facebook fan page, Pinterest, and get updates on Twitter.

If you are living in the USA, then be sure to enter this Ramadan Eid giveaway currently underway. And here is an internationally open giveaway.

Good luck!

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*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review and giveaway. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

Ramadan/Eid Decor & Gift’s Company Round Up + Huge Giveaway (Part 1)

Happy Wednesday all!

Today I’m super excited to bring to you part 1 of the huge Ramadan/Eid Giveaway with amazing companies here in the US, and on Friday I will be doing one for all the international reader’s (click here to enter).  This USA open giveaway will have four, yes FOUR winner’s so scroll down to enter. This giveaway could not have been possible without the amazing sponsor’s who have amazing product’s that are worth sharing and raving about, so here it goes.

Wafa Islamic Arts

Mohammad canvas art contemporary

Photo credit Wafa Islamic Arts

Ouafae Taame, is the amazing artist behind Wafa Islamic Arts. Ouafae specializes in digital art, Islamic art and calligraphy, and was the former Senior Artist/Art director in Ubisoft. Looking at all the art Ouafae has created I feel like it’s such a breath of fresh air seeing such beautiful contemporary Islamic art that we want to display right away because it fit’s in with the modern aesthetic of most of our homes.

il_570xN.612222485_6nbi Wafa Islamic art Mohammad canvasWafa Islamic Art is giving one lucky winner this 20″ x 30″ Mohammad art print that will be perfect for any living room. Value for this print painting is $115. See more of Wafa Islamic Art’s painting on their Etsy page, and remember to follow them on their Facebook Fan page, here. FYI- the winner of this painting will be responsible for shipping (about $15).

The Dream Wreather

Eid wreath contemporaryI reviewed The Dream Wreather a few day’s ago, if you missed the review or would like to see more pictures click here.  Andrea of The Dream Wreather is participating in this giveaway by offering one lucky winner a $50 gift voucher to her shop! This way you can work with her to create  your own custom wreath with all the trimming’s and colors of your choice. You can also check out Andrea’s shop on Etsy here.

Allah to Z

Allah to Z Activity BookI recently also reviewed Allah to Z: Activity book and other products in this series. If you missed the blog post or would like to see what I’m loving about this series, then just click here to read.  Sam’n Iqbal, the author of this book is participating in this giveaway by offering one lucky winner their Allah to Z: Activity Book. As I stated in my review, this book is great and gives lot’s of fun activities to do with kids.

Muslamb StationersStudying dua eid mubarak magnets inshahAllah sticky notes

 I fell in love with Muslamb Stationer’s pencil set and sticky notes, and reviewed them here. They have cheeky fun stationery, and not only that how great is a reminder with this studying dua pencil set in bright colors? Muslamb Stationer’s are participating is this giveaway by offering one lucky winner a pencil set and sticky notes. You can check out more fun item’s in their Etsy shop, here.

Giveaway Info:

1. Four winner’s will be selected randomly to win one of the prizes mentioned above. If you have a preference for one of the items do leave a blog post comment below telling us which one and we will try to accommodate.

2. You can enter daily on the rafflecopter widget by twitting about the giveaway daily, and then remembering to mark that option on the widget once done each time.

3. All entries will be verified. Do read the giveaway “terms and conditions” on the widget as well.

4. Everyone get’s one easy entry–so remember to choose that one!

5. This giveaway is open only to resident’s with a USA mailing address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone, and remember part 2 of this giveaway is open internationally–so enter here!

Umair’s Sweetheart,

*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review and giveaway. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

Eid Gift | Allah to Z: Activity Book Review

Happy Tuesday!

Allah to Z Activity BookThis Ramadan I have been in search of great decor and gift ideas that are Islamic, and worth sharing with my reader’s.  I  came across this Islamic children’s activity book from the author of Allah to Z alphabet book, Sam’n Iqbal.  If you haven’t heard of this book series then you are missing out, because you and your kids will appreciate these books especially during Ramadan and Eid.

Book Preview Allah to ZOn the Allah to Z website you will be able to find a book preview with their alphabet book, where you can see fun graphic’s and easy words for a child to follow along but still understand the meaning of the word. In addition, to book previews, you can even download activities that go along with the activity book that I was sent for review.

Arabic letter bingo for kidsAbove is a page from the activity book featuring Arabic letter bingo for kids. This bingo game would be great for kid’s who are learning their alphabet to start reciting the Qur’an, or even for kids who already know how to read.  This game can be played during Ramadan with siblings, during events like Ameen (Qur’an finishing ceremonies for kids), and even to give out in a Ramadan/Eid gift basket for kids.

Kaaba bank activity Aside for this book making a great gift item for kids, you can actually find useful activities for kids inside. One of my favorite activities in this book is the Kaaba bank. This Kaaba bank activity will first get kids involved in the making process, so they can have a hands on activity, then after the Kaaba is finished with all the trimmings you can teach your kids the importance of charity. This can be a year long activity where you can ask your kids to donate a portion of their allowance every Friday/Jummah, then during Ramadan teach them about zakat and sadaqah. and ask them to donate the money collected year around during a charity event in a masajid or other charity of your/or your child’s choice. Just this one activity can teach so many lesson’s to kids, not just about charity but also about learning how to count, learning to save money, and learning to give to those less fortunate than us.

Mosque yarn activity for kidsThe activity book features over 30 activities for your kids to use during Ramadan, especially great for those long Summer month’s when kids are off from school, the activities are engaging and great for Islamic lesson’s. In addition, if you visit the Allah to Z website you will find under “fun stuff” an Allah to Z – The Coloring Book app! How fun is that? So now even when you are not at home and your kid’s are glued to the ipad they can have an Islamic coloring book.App for Allah to Z Coloring bookThe author, Sam’n Iqbal, is a graduate of New York University with a Master’s in Bicultural School Counseling. She plan’s to develop a interfaith counseling program for Sunday school’s and Islamic school’s. Sam is graciously participating in the huge Ramadan and Eid giveaway coming up this week, and so one of you could win the activity book mentioned today. For more updates, please be sure to follow Allah to Z’s Facebook fan page, here.

Thank you for visiting & have a great day!

Umair’s Sweetheart,

*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review, giveaway, and credit’s AllahtoZ.com for the preview pics. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

Ramadan & Eid Wreath by The Dream Wreather

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. This past weekend was our Anniversary, and it was a lovely time spent with my husband. He surprised me with a dinner date out at a fancy restaurant overlooking Chicago, and during dinner we even saw fireworks from above since Navy Pier was very close and they have a show every weekend. I will share more about our Anniversary later on in the week, but let’s get to reviewing The Dream Wreather and the beautiful Ramadan/Eid wreath I was sent.

TheDreamWreatherAndrea Hammad is the creative genius behind these amazing wreaths. I know we all have seen wreaths, but how many of us have seen beautiful custom wreaths for Ramadan and Eid? I for one was pleasantly pleased when I discovered Anderea’s shop on Etsy. She is one of the very few people making handmade decorative items for Islamic holiday’s.

Eid wreath packageAndrea is a physical therapist turned stay-at-home mom. She loves creating new wreaths and finding inspiration in unique ways. Custom orders are her favorite because it challenges her to be creative and at times her best products are produced from customer recommendations.


Wreaths she creates are either 12 or 18 inches in diameter. Andrea uses wire frames and decorates with burlap, mesh ribbon and accessories with satin, velour, and embroidered ribbons. She use’s wood for the plaques, and monograms that are hand painted.

Wire frame wreathThe wreath I was sent for review was 12 inches in diameter, it was packaged securely, and a personal handwritten note was the first thing I noticed once opening the package. My first reaction to the wreath was just of amazement, because I could see the detailing that went into it. When I turned it around and saw the wire frame I was even more impressed because most wreath’s I have seen are made from foam or the pre-made round’s sold in craft supply stores. I highly recommend Andrea’s shop on Etsy, because she does custom work, and now when looking for Ramadan/Eid decor you don’t have to resort to non-Islamic holiday decor because you can find contemporary Islamic decor.

contemporary ramdan eid decorYou can see more of Andrea’s custom wreaths on her Etsy page, here. Or you can follow her on her Facebook fan page for updates. Andrea will also be participating in the Ramadan Eid giveaway coming up soon, and she is offering a generous prize to the winner–so keep your eye’s peeled. In addition, The Dream Wreather offer’s 20% off to returning customers, therefore take advantage and get one for yourself and a family or friend–it will be something you can have for year’s to come.

Ramadan Eid contemporary decor

Thank you for visiting and have a great week!

Umair’s Sweetheart,

*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review and giveaway. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

Handmade Ramadan & Eid Cards Review

Hi all,

Salena Lee Custom Cards

I hope all my Muslim readers are having a wonderful Ramadan thus far. I’m exciting for today’s post, because while I’m reviewing an item from Salena Lee, an Etsy seller, that makes beautiful handmade paper cards for special occasions, I’m also giving a sneak peek to a giveaway item. I will be hosting a huge giveaway this month with some great business’ that have amazing Ramadan and Eid decor, stationary, and gift items. I’m gonna sound like a broken record but this giveaway will be the biggest one I’ve ever hosted, and you will want to follow throughout the month to get a chance to win.

Ramadan Eid Custom cards

Ramadan and Eid are such special times, and while I’ve been living in the US for a very long time every  year around this time I feel like my home is missing something. When I was younger, and living with my parents my mom always made special food items during this time of year, she decorated the house, we wore new clothes during Eid, and received gifts. All of these these things my mom did made Eid so special to me, and now that I’m married I want to do the same for my family and future kids. Therefore, in search for great Ramadan and Eid decor to jazz up my space I will be sharing all my recommendations for this beautiful time of year.

Eid Mubarak handmade card

To start off this giveaway sneak peek is greeting cards made by Salena Lee.  Salena’s obsession with paper started at an early age when she would save money to buy construction paper and now as an adult that hobby took on a whole new meaning where she started creating custom cards for all occasion.

Ramdan Eid gift

The pictures on this post are just an example of some of the beautiful cards she makes. When I received these cards for review the first thought that went to my mind was that they would be perfect just as sending as a greeting card since they are all blank inside so you can personalize, or you can give them as thank you notes to host’s of iftar and Eid parties– wouldn’t a personalized handmade and handwritten card be a wonderful thing to receive? I definitely would cherish it since handwritten notes are becoming so rare these days.

Eid decor

Visit Salena on her Etsy page here, and see her beautiful handmade creations. If none of them strike your fancy, then I’m sure she will be more than happy to create something custom just for you.  Please also like her facebook fan page here.

Have a great week!

Umair’s Sweetheart,

*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review and giveaway. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

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