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Retro Bridal Shower

Hi all & happy Monday!!
housewife red teal love cake

Last month I was in Miami, and attended a dear friend’s bridal shower.  The theme was retro housewife with main colors being red and teal, which are also the bride’s wedding colors.  I loved everything about the shower, from the decor that was all done by various family and friends, to the fun games, dessert bar and food!  I became the unofficial “official” photographer of the shower, and it was perfect because I wanted to capture all the lovely moments of the shower and be able to give all the great snaps to my friend who I know will appreciate the snaps after the wedding.

retro bridal shower I love lucybridal shower red teal table decorclothes pin bride groom

red teal dessert stationred teal dessert bar showerI love lucy tv diy showerred teal bridal shower retro bridal showerretro bridal shower photo propsI had a great time at the shower, and I hope these snaps give some inspiration to someone planning a bridal shower.  I truly thought the theme was so unique and so creatively put together to fit the bride’s aesthetics.  We were asked to bring an apron to wear during the party to go along with the housewife theme– my apron said “true love is a big deal.”


Scarf/Hijab – gifted (similar here) | Apron – H&M (similar here, and here) | Top – TJ Maxx (similar here, and here) | Pants – Target (similar here, and here) | Pearl necklace – H&M (similar here, and here)| Bow necklace – Forever 21 (similar here) | Bracelets – Alex & Ani, Swarovski

Have a wonderful Monday, and do let me know some creative themes for showers you have attended/hosted.

Umair’s Sweetheart,

20 Facts About Me Tag

Hi all and happy Wednesday!

I apologize for the lack of posts these past several weeks. It really was not intentional, but God-willing things happen in life that we have no control over and they remind us to take a seat back and just be grateful for the situation we are in.  Instead of questioning why we are going through trials and tribulations, I feel that in my life I have always learned that there is always a blessing in every situation regardless of how tough it may be.

Purple Pink Tulips

I was tagged by a sweet friend, Shifa on Instagram, to do the 20 facts about me tag, and while I am a bit late in posting this I thought it would still be fun to share.  If you go through all 20 facts you will learn why I was on a hiatus from blogging.

20 Facts About Me & Things I’m Grateful For

  1. I am the third of four kids, and that in itself is a blessing. As the third child, I learned to be more independent and stand out in my own ways. Allah is the best of planners.

  2. I was born in Pakistan, and came to the USA at the age of 6. My parents, especially my mom, wanted us to grow up in the land of opportunities.

  3. My parents did not come with a lot but always worked hard to provide us with all we needed to live comfortably. My mom used to babysit in the beginning for a few years, and my dad worked at an aviation company. They used to give us weekly allowance, a few $ from each, to spend on anything we wanted. My dad actually had a bank aka envelope in his briefcase for each of us where he would write down what we asked him to save for us, what we asked to take out to buy something, and bonus was we never lost money. It was a great learning tool in many ways because it taught my siblings and me basic financial skills/lessons.

  4. I began kindergarten in the US without knowing a word of English. Now unfortunately, I speak English > Urdu but would like to make it more equal.

  5. My mom passed away from breast cancer when I was a teen. It made my siblings and I grow up nature > nurture, made us self-sufficient, stronger, and taught us to persevere through any trial and tribulations.

  6. I enjoy making desserts > other foods, as it was one the things my mom taught me, my first dessert with her was caramel pudding. I don’t enjoy eating other people’s caramel pudding—it just doesn’t taste as good as my momma’s.  My mom’s cooking > Others

  7. I have a bachelor degree in communications with a major in advertising and a minor in religious studies. To some respect, I feel I am still using my degree through my blogging, and religious studies helped me to appreciate all the religions of the world and see what binds us.

  8. I worked at an advertising/marketing firm for a few years professionally. I learned a lot about working in the “real-world.”

  9. I am quite creative, artistic and meticulously detail-oriented when I want to be. I have dabbled in drawing and painting, photography (even learned how to develop my own photographs), I completely planned my own wedding (helped my siblings with theirs), and have been a stylist to my family members.

  10. I met my husband through mutual friends, we did not like each other at first nor did we care to talk to each other, however as we started talking we instantly felt like we knew each other.  Lesson: give everyone a chance because you never know who you will meet.

  11. My husband is my soul mate and I have never met someone more kind-hearted, harder working, and more genuine than him. Alhamdulillah My husband > Your husband … hehe… May we all be blessed with wonderful spouses, ameen.

  12. I love Chicago more than I ever expected to love it. I loved it from the moment I stepped off the plane and began my newlywed life with my husband. It will always have a special place in my heart even if I move.

  13. Through blogging I have met some really fun people, designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Manolo Blahnik, and have gotten to explore the city more by attending fashion events.  Blogging has helped me to step out of my comfort zone.

  14. I am currently in graduate school, with my husband being my biggest cheerleader – he pushes me when I’m being lazy about school, and supports me in all things that I love to do.

  15. I do visit Florida often, but I go to visit family not to be a beach bum or check out tourist spots since I lived in Miami for 20+ years. Miami is a beautiful city with truly one of the best beaches I’ve seen.

  16. I now find romantic movies quite cheesy and almost unbearable to watch. My reality > Fantasy …Alhmdulillah

  17. I highly enjoy home décor and change up seasonally few things around the apartment. I dislike cookie cutter home décor. I feel a home should exude your personality, and have personal touches not a “model home” that any family will fit.

  18. At the end of Ramadan/July, I fractured my arm by falling while on the way to school. I’m still recovering from the injury, and thus was on a hiatus from blogging. Through this injury I have become quite ambidextrous.

  19. I have TY beanie babies and several other stuff animals that I’ve been collecting since I was younger, including those I’ve gotten from the husband and plan to keep them to decorate my future kid’s rooms with (inshahAllah).

  20. I am currently very much enjoying this blessed chapter of my life with my husband and grateful for it every day. Alhamdulillah.

paki wedding sari suit couple

Bonus fact | I have always appreciated 4 quarters > 100 pennies when it comes to friendship, and last month a true friend whom I met in the fourth grade found me through this blog! We hadn’t spoken for maybe five+ years and recently when we caught up it was like we never lost touch. Lesson: True friends are hard to find so treasure them and hold them tight.

Alhamdulillah, because there is always something to be thankful/grateful for.

Thank you to all my reader’s, family and friends who have wished me well, and requested I start blogging again because they were missing my posts. Especially, the husband, who never misses any of my posts.

Umair’s Sweetheart,

Weekend Eid Party

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Eid Party Head Shot.jpg

My DIY’d head jewelry from a gold necklace and smokey makeup look for the night

Monday’s are always a drag because it’s sad to know the weekend is over and the work week start’s the daily routine and work grind. But hopefully this week passes quickly and we can enjoy the weekend again.

The husband and I in front of Eid Mubarak Banner.jpg

The husband and I in front of the Eid Mubarak banner the SIL created

This past weekend the husband and I were invited to a family Eid party. On Thursday night we arrived at my sister-in-law’s house because we wanted to help her with decorating for the party which was held at a hall that is part of a masajid.

Kids Table.jpg

Kid’s activity table with crayon’s, coloring/activity pages, and craft supplies

Prize table and balloon arch.jpg

The prize table with the beautiful balloon arch the husband created

Prizes close up.jpg
My sister-in-law was planning for the party for over a month for about 160 guests (including kids). The planning included party games for kids & adults along with prizes, yummy catered food, theme/decoration for the party, and much more. By the time we arrived she already had most of the supplies for decorating. Friday afternoon we helped decorate most of the party hall, except for the balloon creations and centerpieces which had to be tackled day of the party.

12 balloon poof.jpg

Balloon poof created by the husband

Umair working on balloon.jpg

The husband hard at work

The husband is quite the expert with balloon decorations! While in college he worked at Celebration Balloon and created all sorts of fun balloon centerpieces and decorations. His expertise came in handy at this Eid event because the balloons definitely added more life and festivity to the room decor. If you haven’t seen these balloon creations you should definitely check out Celebration Balloon.

MashahAllah and Alhamdulillah all of the hard work payed off because all the guest’s raved about the fun interactive nature of the party, the food and decorations. It definitely was one of the best Eid parties I have attended.

Balloon for Eid party.jpg

All the balloons used for the centerpieces

Eid Party room decoration.jpg

Overview of the decorated hall

As for my outfit of the day, it was an outfit I custom ordered from Pakistan and have worn once before in Florida. I changed up the look by creating a new hijab style, DIY’d a gold necklace into head jewelry/tikka, tried a smokey eye makeup look, and carried a trendy clear clutch (which I’m in love with).

head jewelry.jpg

Close up of the head jewelry

Clear clutch and details.jpg

My new clear clutch and details of jewelry

This Eid party also gave the husband and I an excuse to test drive our new dslr camera, Canon EOS Rebel SL1. We are still learning the functions, but so far we love the results–let us know your thoughts since all the pictures on today’s post were taken with the new camera.

couple shot.jpg

Husband and I in front of the balloon arch

|HOOTD deets|

My Outfit- custom ordered from Pakistan | Clear Clutch- Forever 21 | Shoes- Pelle Moda from DSW | Gold Tikka/head jewelry- gift | Gold Bangles- Jewelry store in Florida | Rings- Swarovski, from India, and wedding + engagement ring | Makeup- Urban Decay eye shadows, MAC lipstick in lickable, lip liner in mahogany and eyelashes, Nars foundation, Chanel blush | Nails- Orly rage, Butter London slapper, and random gold glitter

couple shot.jpg

Thank you for visiting!

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July Favorites

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe the month of July is almost coming to an end. Where has half the year gone?
With that said, I’ve decided to feature my favorites for the month. This list is in no specific order I have added favorites of things that mattered most to the husband and I this month. Enjoy!

Favorite Hijab/Scarf– Light weight maxi hijab from Kapray Shapray on Facebook.
Not sure if she will sell these individually as I received them to match some outfits I ordered from her.


These scarfs are very lightweight making them great for Summer, they give great coverage and drape beautifully without much fuss.  The picture below was taken on my recent trip to Florida.  You can check out more pictures here.


Favorite Beauty Product– Loreal True Match crayon concealer in light/medium & Milani liquid eyes in 01 black.


Both of these products are so creamy and easy to apply. I’ve been obsessed with both of these products ever since I bought them beginning of July.



Favorite Food Dish– Mediterranean Mahi Mahi at Grand Lux
The husband recommended I try this dish and we were so surprised at the flavor of the sauce and how well all the flavors mixed. We will definitely be ordering this Mahi Mahi dish again.


Favorite RestaurantRed Fish Grill in Miami
I’ve lived in Miami for over 21 years and I’ve never heard of this hidden gem of a restaurant. It feels completely secluded and almost a romantic getaway in Miami. And to top it off the food was scrumptious as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any blog worthy pics of the restaurant since it was date night, and we visited the restaurant with three other couples to celebrate our Anniversaries which fall within a few weeks of each other. It was a beautiful and romantic evening which was planned completely by our husbands. The husbands swept us ladies off our feet. Alhamdulillah (all thanks to God).

Favorite Dessert– From Margie’s Candies.
We’ve passed by this ice cream shop a few times and always saw so many people standing outside. It caught our curiosity and we finally tried two sundaes, a brownie a la mode and a caramel one. They were both delicious except we had to get them in to-go boxes because we didn’t want to wait to be seated inside.






Favorite Hijabi Outfit of the Day– I loved wearing my wedding outfits this month. So they definitely are my favorites for the month. My wedding outfits were ordered from Kapray Shapray and my hijab/scarf is from Pearl Daisy.



Favorite Couple Shot– Has to be from my brothers wedding this month. More pictures from the wedding can be seen here.


Favorite Couple Moment of the Month– Our 1st Anniversary.
We had a small celebration in Florida with family. We kept it simple since Ramadan had started therefore we went out to a Middle Eastern restaurant to break fast and catch up with family and friends.

Here are a few snaps from the day.




Hope you enjoyed our July favorites. What were some of your faves for the month?

Thank you for visiting!

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