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Happy New Year!

2015 new year sparkler firework

Created with sparklers by my cousins, sister, myself and the husband on the camera side

Hi all & happy first Wednesday of 2015!

I’m back from my vacation and feeling refreshed to start the new year.  January for me is the transition month especially since in Chicago it is one of the coldest it makes me want to stay indoors, cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket, and then February is truly when the year begins!  However, staying in is not a option since my classes for the new quarter started this week and my husband is back at work.

Ft. Lauderdale cruise port

Ft. Lauderdale cruise port

We went on a seven day eastern Caribbean cruise which disembarked from a Florida port so it worked out in our favor to also visit family for a few days. This was the first time the husband and I vacationed on a cruise.  It was a great experience that we would highly recommend to those who love having prepared food always available, not having to plan an itinerary for vacation and disconnecting from the world wide web since internet service is not readily available.  I will share more about our seven day cruise in upcoming posts where I will try talk in detail about each port we visited, excursions we did, and what we liked/disliked about each island.

colorful flowers

Fresh flowers to welcome in the new year

On New Year’s eve we decided to do a small bbq with my Miami family. We cooked up some yummy hot dog’s (Chicago style, of course), beef burgers, delicious chicken tikka and bihari kabab– which didn’t turn out as great as we wanted but of course we still ate it all up. After the bbq we did our own firework show where we created fun words/shapes with sparklers. Here are a few snaps from the night.

halal chicago style hot dog

Yummy Chicago style hot dog’s with some chaat masala

halal bbq burger

My dad’s colorful plate

bihari kabab on skewers

I took charge of putting the bihari kabab on the skewers, however got the marination done with the help of my SIL

fries with chaat masala

No bbq is complete without french fries with chaat masala

mint cilantro chutney

My SIL created spicy cilantro and mint chutney to accompany our chicken tikka and bihari kabab


Our firework for the night

excited for fireworks

Me excited with fireworks

A & U heart sparklers

Isn’t this adorable? I created the A, Umair did the U, and my sister helped with the heart

sparkle written with sparklers

Sparkle bright my loves! 2015 is yours to make as you wish!

Thank you for visiting and being part of this blogging journey with us.  I truly do appreciate each and every visitor to the site, and read every comment left after each post–those totally make my day!  Umair and I wish you all a healthy and blessed 2015.

Thanks to my sister for taking some of these awesome snaps!

Umair’s Sweetheart,

A&U Cook | Chocolate Banana Muffins

Hi all!

chocolate banana muffinI made these delicious muffins a few Sunday’s ago for brunch at home with my husband.  I missed cooking up new recipes the past few months since I had fractured my arm and was unable to do any chores or cooking.  I thoroughly enjoyed making these chocolate banana muffins since they are a version of banana bread–which I have made several times at home.

banana bread muffinThis recipe was easy to make since most of the items I had on hand–ripe bananas, chocolate chips, walnuts/pecans and flour.  I used the recipe found on Taste of Home, though changed up a few things such as using honey instead of sugar (we hardly buy sugar) in the same quantity as the recipe states, and 2 tablespoon of baking powder instead of baking soda.

breakfast muffinsThese chocolate banana muffins came out soft and just the perfect consistency for a muffin. The husband wanted to eat them all in one sitting, but I tempted him with the other brunch items I cooked up that day.  I’m always happy to find recipes that work and come out as stated because then I can share them with everyone and save them as my favorites to use in the future.

Chocolate banana muffinsThe recipe said it would yield 2 dozen muffins, however I used my cupcake pan that holds 1 dozen at a time, and I wanted my muffins to rise completely so I used all the batter in the cupcake pan filling up each cup about 3/4 full.  It made 12 perfectly delicious muffins for the husband and I to enjoy.  Remember to let the muffins cool in the pan for 5 minutes before placing them on a cooling rack for about 10 minutes and bon appetite!

chocolate banana cupcake

What are some of your favorite breakfast or muffin recipes?

Umair’s Sweetheart,

Wear it Wednesday | Boyfriend Jeans at Halal Food Festival

Happy Wednesday everyone!

A foodies heaven at Chicago’s 1st ever Halal Food Festival. Burgers, hot dogs, falooda, gyro’s, sweets, even music, henna booth, and snazzy Islamic clothing.

As soon as we entered the indoor festival, the aroma, the full-house, the many booths was overwhelming so we took a quick tour to see everything before settling on this yummy Mediterranean lunch from Taza Café.
Few minutes later we really wanted to try Mr. Broast so the husband quickly grabbed a few zinger burger’s from the booth because they were selling out like hot cakes burgers.IMG_1403IMG_1380
I had to take a picture of Max’s Chicago because they are my favorite for Chicago style hot dog’s. I’ve tried several items from their menu but their halal hot dog made me a hot dog aficionado.
For dessert we settled for delicious pistachio kulfi for the husband and I from MMM’s Gourmet Ice Cream.
Now to the main dish, my hijabi outfit of the day. I knew dressing comfortably would be key for this weekend event. I wore my new favorite boyfriend jeans that were perfect for the festival. Not only are they super comfy and non-restricting, but should definitely be a staple in a modest dressing fashionista’s closet. I’d been looking for a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for several weeks now, and a lot of them were “fashionably” ripped – making them not modest or were not flattering for my body type or weren’t the type of wash I was looking for. Luckily I stopped at Old Navy, I haven’t shopped there for a long time since it’s usually a hit or miss type of store for me, and I found a vintage wash, fashionably-scuffed-up-but-not-ripped pair that fit me how I imagined boyfriend jeans should fit. I also found my “shine bright” statement tee from Old Navy plus a few other hit finds.

Aside from the food booths, My Halal Kitchen was present with her recipe book, I wanted to take a picture with her but unfortunately she was quite busy when I stopped at her booth. IMG_1393
Lastly, the husband and I bought some Islamic Swag statement shirts. His is “I’m fly coz my imaan is high” and mine say’s “Islam – all the cool kids are doing it.” We love supporting Muslim business’ and who could resist awesome Islamic wear? Check this local Chicago store out online and as they say “Wear your imaan on your sleeve.”IMG_1409IMG_1412

After the halal food festival, we took a detour and hung out with MJ!

Boyfriend jeans are great and I will keep my eye’s peeled for different styles and washes as I fade out the skinny jeans from my closet.

Have you found a great pair of boyfriend jean’s? or visited any fun events lately? I would love to know.

|HOOTD deets|

Hijab/Scarf- H&M | Trench- Express | Boyfriend Jeans & Shine Bright Shirt- Old Navy | Bag- Zara | Shoes- Prabal Gurung x Target

Remember- shine bright!

Until next time, have a great day!!!

Ramadan | AnU Host an Iftar Party

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This past weekend the husband and I hosted our first iftar (breaking the fast) party at our house. We cooked traditional Pakistani iftari food and the quintessential Pakistani dinner.

I even got festive and found this free printable DIY banner online from an website called Sakina Design, they feature other cute printable for stars and beautiful Islamic art frames that I’m dying to get. The banner was a hit and gave me ideas to get more creative with the decor for future iftaries/parties.

The menu for iftari consisted of fruit chaat, cholay, spinach pakoray, aloo pakoray, and per my husbands request finger pepper pakoray which weren’t spicy to our surprise.

We also had dahi baray, chicken samosas (bought frozen from Tahoora), ordered some pizza for the kids, coriander chutney and homemade tamarind chutney.

Of course we had some fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apple juice, and rooh afza, the summer drink of the east which every iftari has to have otherwise your thirst doesn’t feel quenched.

Everyone was stuffed from the iftari but we still had dinner, spicy biryani made by the husband (the man can cook some yummy food Alhmd), and chicken tikka made by me. The main dinner was accompanied by salad and yogurt raita.

And last but not least, the iftari party had a sweet ending with some light summer mango & pineapple dessert.


We enjoyed hosting our 1st ever iftari party. While it was a lot of work, insha’Allah (God willing) we will host future parties with more family and friends. Until then I hope all my Muslim family and friends are having a blessed Ramadan and insha’Allah we can all make the most of the last ten days, and may our fasts & ibadah (supplications) be accepted ameen.

Have you hosted any parties? What are some traditional items you cook?

Thank you for visiting!

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July Favorites

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe the month of July is almost coming to an end. Where has half the year gone?
With that said, I’ve decided to feature my favorites for the month. This list is in no specific order I have added favorites of things that mattered most to the husband and I this month. Enjoy!

Favorite Hijab/Scarf– Light weight maxi hijab from Kapray Shapray on Facebook.
Not sure if she will sell these individually as I received them to match some outfits I ordered from her.


These scarfs are very lightweight making them great for Summer, they give great coverage and drape beautifully without much fuss.  The picture below was taken on my recent trip to Florida.  You can check out more pictures here.


Favorite Beauty Product– Loreal True Match crayon concealer in light/medium & Milani liquid eyes in 01 black.


Both of these products are so creamy and easy to apply. I’ve been obsessed with both of these products ever since I bought them beginning of July.



Favorite Food Dish– Mediterranean Mahi Mahi at Grand Lux
The husband recommended I try this dish and we were so surprised at the flavor of the sauce and how well all the flavors mixed. We will definitely be ordering this Mahi Mahi dish again.


Favorite RestaurantRed Fish Grill in Miami
I’ve lived in Miami for over 21 years and I’ve never heard of this hidden gem of a restaurant. It feels completely secluded and almost a romantic getaway in Miami. And to top it off the food was scrumptious as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any blog worthy pics of the restaurant since it was date night, and we visited the restaurant with three other couples to celebrate our Anniversaries which fall within a few weeks of each other. It was a beautiful and romantic evening which was planned completely by our husbands. The husbands swept us ladies off our feet. Alhamdulillah (all thanks to God).

Favorite Dessert– From Margie’s Candies.
We’ve passed by this ice cream shop a few times and always saw so many people standing outside. It caught our curiosity and we finally tried two sundaes, a brownie a la mode and a caramel one. They were both delicious except we had to get them in to-go boxes because we didn’t want to wait to be seated inside.






Favorite Hijabi Outfit of the Day– I loved wearing my wedding outfits this month. So they definitely are my favorites for the month. My wedding outfits were ordered from Kapray Shapray and my hijab/scarf is from Pearl Daisy.



Favorite Couple Shot– Has to be from my brothers wedding this month. More pictures from the wedding can be seen here.


Favorite Couple Moment of the Month– Our 1st Anniversary.
We had a small celebration in Florida with family. We kept it simple since Ramadan had started therefore we went out to a Middle Eastern restaurant to break fast and catch up with family and friends.

Here are a few snaps from the day.




Hope you enjoyed our July favorites. What were some of your faves for the month?

Thank you for visiting!

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Flatbread Co. In Maui, Hawaii

Looks can be deceiving. One of the worst flat bread pizzas we had. A lot of yummy ingredients, yet no flavor. We had to add salt on top of it to give it some flavor and a whole lot of hot sauce. We would not recommend this place, however, this guy next to us thought this is the best pizza and ate two of em 🙂




A&U Cook | First Cake for The Husband

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