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chestnut tieks flat reviewAfter 6 months of having my chestnut Tieks I am finally getting around to giving my thorough review on these popular foldable flats.  While I am currently not wearing these shoes, since it’s freezing in Chicago I did wear them throughout Summer “tieking” around the city.

Tieks packaging blue bowMy tieks arrived within two days of ordering, they were perfectly packaged in the signature blue box with a sparkly blue flower.  Each package also comes with a note, a black foldable pouch that is useful for putting your shoes in when not in use, and a bigger tote for putting your regular shoes if  you are planning on doing the shoe switch before entering a party/event.

Tieks shoe package note

First day | I wore them around the city for about 4 hours, and while my soles didn’t hurt at all it was the stretchy band around the top of my flats that were killing me within 2 hours.  I didn’t give up on Tieks with the hope that these were size 6 and my usual size is 6.5, and the website recommended ordering a size down.  Hoping that they mold better and stretch out in a few days.

Second day | Wore them around my apartment with socks, because I was suggested by the Tieks on Twitter that is the best way to  loosen them up and mold to the feet better. So I tried this technique for about 30 minutes.

Third day | I wore them out to school. I was hesitant that they would still be tight and start bothering me pretty quickly, however as soon as I put them on I could feel the difference. I took the chance and wore them on public transportation to get to school, and back this was a total of 3.5 hours. For some reason my left feet flat didn’t bother me at all but the right one still needs some stretching, but I can feel that it will happen sooner than later.

chestnut blue sole tieks by Gavieli

First week | While wearing them to go to school, I was walking on a public street and missed a step or something, fell, injured my right arm (I needed a cast/therapy for a few months), and to top it off scuffed up my Tieks! I was so disappointed as I had hardly worn them and they were not even completely broken in.  For a few weeks, I didn’t wear them due to my injury and didn’t even want to look at them.  However, I contacted the company several weeks later to see if they have an exchange policy but they didn’t.  They only exchange shoes if they are the wrong size. Another disappointment as these shoes are expensive for flats.  I was told to take them to a shoe cobbler to see if they could be fixed so I did and while the shoe cobbler wasn’t able to completely fix the scuff they were able to polish it nicely to make the scuff almost disappear.  This polishing cost about $8, not that expensive but still an unexpected expense for these shoes that are already pricey. I don’t have pictures of when the shoes got scuffed since I wasn’t able to use my right arm much, and I wasn’t blogging at the time.

Month later | I would have to say that it took my flats longer than a week to break into perhaps it was because I ordered a size 6 since that’s what was recommended for me. Also, when I thought of taking the flats with its small pouch to do the shoe switch, I realized while it folds up small it still didn’t fit some of my normal size clutch or bag (e.g., the Rebecca Minkoff mini mac). And my husband made me aware that walking in the city who knows what I have stepped on then to take the shoes, and fold them with my hands is unhygienic thus, needing to carry some antibacterial soap/wipes (just FYI).

Chestnut tieks the ballet flat

Pros |
Super fast shipping (ordered mine Monday and received it same week on Wednesday)
Cutest packaging with personal note
Extra tote to carry heels in
Pouch to carry & fold flats into
Tons of colors to choose from (plus have vegan options)
Chestnut color is a beautiful neutral
Comfy (only after broken into)

Cons |
Price (though it includes shipping & insurance for $100)
Can get easily scuffed
No exchange policy for worn shoes (only for wrong size)
They can take longer than a week to break into
Small pouch to carry and fold the flats into is quite small which makes it almost a challenge when trying to fold the (dirty soled) flats
Folded flats in small black pouch may not fit into every handbag/clutch

Final thoughts |
I do still wear these flats, and will continue to. However I am not sure if I will reorder mainly due to the price, and the time it took to break them in. Anyone considering these flats should read through my pros and cons to decide if Tieks are worth buying for them.

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If you have tried Tieks do let me know your feedback on them, and if you have tried another brand of foldable flats that you recommend do let me know.

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