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Happy Tuesday everyone!

This past weekend the husband and I hosted our first iftar (breaking the fast) party at our house. We cooked traditional Pakistani iftari food and the quintessential Pakistani dinner.

I even got festive and found this free printable DIY banner online from an website called Sakina Design, they feature other cute printable for stars and beautiful Islamic art frames that I’m dying to get. The banner was a hit and gave me ideas to get more creative with the decor for future iftaries/parties.

The menu for iftari consisted of fruit chaat, cholay, spinach pakoray, aloo pakoray, and per my husbands request finger pepper pakoray which weren’t spicy to our surprise.

We also had dahi baray, chicken samosas (bought frozen from Tahoora), ordered some pizza for the kids, coriander chutney and homemade tamarind chutney.

Of course we had some fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apple juice, and rooh afza, the summer drink of the east which every iftari has to have otherwise your thirst doesn’t feel quenched.

Everyone was stuffed from the iftari but we still had dinner, spicy biryani made by the husband (the man can cook some yummy food Alhmd), and chicken tikka made by me. The main dinner was accompanied by salad and yogurt raita.

And last but not least, the iftari party had a sweet ending with some light summer mango & pineapple dessert.


We enjoyed hosting our 1st ever iftari party. While it was a lot of work, insha’Allah (God willing) we will host future parties with more family and friends. Until then I hope all my Muslim family and friends are having a blessed Ramadan and insha’Allah we can all make the most of the last ten days, and may our fasts & ibadah (supplications) be accepted ameen.

Have you hosted any parties? What are some traditional items you cook?

Thank you for visiting!

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6 Thoughts on “Ramadan | AnU Host an Iftar Party

  1. AmenaPhenomena on 30 July, 2013 at 7:28 pm said:

    looks super yummy and I liked the banner 🙂

    • Ayesha on 31 July, 2013 at 12:00 pm said:

      Thank you!!! Yea, I found the banner almost last minute and had to add it to the decor & it was free! 😉

  2. Ramadan Mubarak 2014 dear sister, Allah bless you and all of your family! I would like to ask your permission to use your first photo with all the delicious food on the table for a post on my blog. I would of course make a caption with a link to this page as well. Greetings from Egypt, and Allah give you and yours a very blessed Ramadan 2014! ♥♥♥ ;^)
    Aisha recently posted…EdenKeeper Article: Egypt Illuminates Ancient Alleyways With Solar LightMy Profile

    • Ramadan Kareem 2014 to you and your family sister! Thank you for the sweet comment and blessing. Yes, of course you can use my pic. Thank you for visiting my blog & may you have a great Ramadan!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your iftar party and the mention of our Ramadan banners. The food looked delicious!

    Samosas are my favorite, but my friends also ask for my homemade Chinese dumplings.

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