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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, aka wear pink month.  This month companies everywhere are supporting breast cancer by featuring limited edition products to support research of breast cancer.  As I mentioned in my 20 Facts About Me Tag, my mom passed away from breast cancer when I was a teen.  This terrible disease affects 1 out of 8 women, according to NationalBreastCancer.org, and is the second leading cause of death in women. Please do take some time from your day this month to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms, how to do a self-breast exam, and what you can do to help further research. I, myself, take time to update myself on new research, myths and facts about the disease because you never know if an acquaintance, friend, relative or someone close to these people have just been diagnosed, receiving treatment after being diagnosed, in remission or perhaps passed away from breast cancer.

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In addition, bcaction.org, has started the “Think Before You Pink” campaign in 2002 which sheds light on how to become aware of supporting blindly companies/products that may be misinforming or doing little to nothing to further research on Breast Cancer, and calls companies to be more transparent/accountable about their pink products.  Therefore, before you spend your money remember to ask these 6 critical questions:

  1. How much money from your purchase actually goes toward breast cancer?
  2. What is the maximum amount that will be donated?

  3. How much money was spent marketing the product?

  4. How are the funds being raised?

  5. To what breast cancer organization does the money go, and what types of programs does it support?

  6. What is the company doing to assure that its products are not contributing to the breast cancer epidemic?

If you don’t see the information you want on the packaging of a product, you should write or call the company and ask.

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Get together with your girlfriends, and have a fun October Breast Cancer Awareness party! You can all donate directly to a cause such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation or another organization that you believe will use your donated money wisely. And remember, make your party fun and pink with the free printables from Frog Prince Paperie!

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What October Breast Cancer Awareness products have you bought? or Companies do you support?

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*AnUblog was not sponsored by any of the companies/organizations mentioned. All opinion’s are of AnUblog.com.  Please do your own research on companies/products that you would like to support.

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