Handmade Ramadan & Eid Cards Review

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Salena Lee Custom Cards

I hope all my Muslim readers are having a wonderful Ramadan thus far. I’m exciting for today’s post, because while I’m reviewing an item from Salena Lee, an Etsy seller, that makes beautiful handmade paper cards for special occasions, I’m also giving a sneak peek to a giveaway item. I will be hosting a huge giveaway this month with some great business’ that have amazing Ramadan and Eid decor, stationary, and gift items. I’m gonna sound like a broken record but this giveaway will be the biggest one I’ve ever hosted, and you will want to follow throughout the month to get a chance to win.

Ramadan Eid Custom cards

Ramadan and Eid are such special times, and while I’ve been living in the US for a very long time every  year around this time I feel like my home is missing something. When I was younger, and living with my parents my mom always made special food items during this time of year, she decorated the house, we wore new clothes during Eid, and received gifts. All of these these things my mom did made Eid so special to me, and now that I’m married I want to do the same for my family and future kids. Therefore, in search for great Ramadan and Eid decor to jazz up my space I will be sharing all my recommendations for this beautiful time of year.

Eid Mubarak handmade card

To start off this giveaway sneak peek is greeting cards made by Salena Lee.  Salena’s obsession with paper started at an early age when she would save money to buy construction paper and now as an adult that hobby took on a whole new meaning where she started creating custom cards for all occasion.

Ramdan Eid gift

The pictures on this post are just an example of some of the beautiful cards she makes. When I received these cards for review the first thought that went to my mind was that they would be perfect just as sending as a greeting card since they are all blank inside so you can personalize, or you can give them as thank you notes to host’s of iftar and Eid parties– wouldn’t a personalized handmade and handwritten card be a wonderful thing to receive? I definitely would cherish it since handwritten notes are becoming so rare these days.

Eid decor

Visit Salena on her Etsy page here, and see her beautiful handmade creations. If none of them strike your fancy, then I’m sure she will be more than happy to create something custom just for you.  Please also like her facebook fan page here.

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*AnUblog was not compensated for this post. Only were provided the items for review and giveaway. All opinion’s are of AnUblog’s author’s. Anublog.com does not share opinion’s of brands/companies mentioned.

2 Thoughts on “Handmade Ramadan & Eid Cards Review

  1. Maddiha on 16 July, 2014 at 10:30 pm said:

    Love all the cards! I might order some!

    • These handmade cards are really lovely. I have some in the part 2 giveaway that are different but just as great…so look out for those too. 😉

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