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Happy Tursday everyone!

“If we don’t have peace, we’ll end up in pieces
Treat people the way that you want to be treated” -Mo Sabri

Today I came across an artist I had never heard of until today, Mo Sabri. My curiosity peaked when I heard his beautiful song Heaven is Where Her Heart is (Aisha), of course it resonated with me for namesake reasons and then hearing it a couple of times I thought the lyrics were beautiful as well.

Then I immediately wanted to hear his other interfaith songs and came across I Believe in Jesus. After hearing this song I flashbacked to about two years ago when I was taking organic chemistry and studying hard for an upcoming test. My non-Muslim friend and I were sitting at a table discussing some problems when I noticed a lady sitting across from us who kept glancing over at me, the hijabi. I didn’t think much of it and continued studying. After some studying we decided to grab lunch before heading to class. My friend and I grabbed our books and started walking the opposite direction when all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was the lady who kept glancing over at me. I was a little startled because right after turning around she started preaching Christianity to me and wanted to “save me” she also told me that “Jesus loves me” at that point I interrupted her and replied “yes, I believe in Jesus too!” And to that the Christian lady looked shocked said “oh ok” and simply walked away. And I went my merry way to grab some lunch.

This is just one personal example but I’m sure many others have faced similar situations, even the husband has told me of these occurrence.

I just want to humbly let all non-Muslim readers know that yes, we Muslims believe in Jesus too. And please also watch this enlightening video by Mo Sabri or just read the lyrics I’ve quoted below.


Verse 1

This ain’t a song about bottles in the club
This is about a role model filled with love
A teacher, a preacher with guidance from above
Sent to represent a message of peace like a dove
In the west they call him Jesus, in the east they call him Isa
Messiah, Christ…the same person that you speak of
Ask me why I wrote this song I will tell you because
There’s too many people silent, it’s time for me to speak up
The son of a virgin, they say it is illogical
Probably improbable but God made it possible
Gabriel told Mary that her son would be phenomenal
His voice was always audible, The opposite of prodigal,
He overcame the obstacles, people attacking him
He was a walking hospital, with healing he was passionate
He cured the sick, raised the dead, shout out to Lazarus
I’m talking about Jesus of Nazareth


If we don’t have peace, we’ll end up in pieces
Treat people the way that you want to be treated
If you do believe it, sing it and repeat it
I am not afraid to say that I believe in Jesus

Jesus…I believe in Jesus
I am not afraid to say that I believe in Jesus
Jesus…I believe in Jesus
I am not afraid to say that I believe in Jesus

Verse 2

I’m just a follower of Jesus
What that means is: I follow what he teaches
I’m not the type of person that just wants to give speeches
I’m trying to be the person that will practice what he preaches

Yeah, ’cause I’ve observed people just say the words
But faith ain’t a noun, it is more like verb
That’s why I wrote this verse, to remind us to serve
‘Cause if you haven’t heard, faith is dead without works

How can we say we believe that God exists
If we always act the opposite, it’s ominous
How we only care about our own accomplishments, and we’re quick to break our promises
We gotta put a stop to this

We all sin, I know that we are human
But we cannot keep on using all the same excuses
Now it is the time we need to prevent the abuses
Listen up, I got the solution

Verse 3

Why does our religion always have to cause division?
In reality we’re all more similar than different
Jesus wanted unity, but nowadays it’s missing
We have to use our vision if we want to do his mission

Can’t we see we’re all children of Adam, brothers and sisters?
If you don’t agree, then you haven’t read the Scriptures
Picture when Jesus comes back to Jerusalem
Will he be happy with the way that you’ve become?

We’re living wrong but today’s a new dawn
So sing along to this song, like David singing the Psalms
Now raise up your arms, give alms with open palms
Jesus brought us a message to follow until we’re gone

Shout out to my dad and mom for blessing me in my youth
God’s essence is the proof that his message is the truth
And this song was just a lesson to remind me and you
To ask ourselves this question, what would Jesus do?

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Peace be upon you.

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