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Happy Friday/Jummah Mubarak everyone!

I haven’t been able to update regularly since I am on vacay visiting family and friends. Will be on a regular schedule once I’m back in Chicago.

Friday/Jummah is such a blessed and beautiful day. I feel personally Friday helps Muslims recharge for the week, just as Ramadan forgives our sins and helps us recharge for the year. Alhamdulillah (Thanks to Allah) Ramadan is only a few weeks away which is very exciting and during the month I will be making regular Ramadan related posts inshahAllah (God-willing.)

Friday/Jummah is significant due to many significant events that have occurred on the day. The following is a graphic stating many of these events. I do not take credit for this graphic.


FYI- Al-Adha and Al-Fitr are religious holidays for Muslims, and haraam means that which is forbidden.

Any mistake or typo in this post is of my own fault and not that of Islam.
“If you want to learn Islam, go study Islam. Don’t study Muslims. Islam is perfect. Muslims are not.”

May Allah (swt) forgive mine, my family and the Muslim ummah’s sins, Ameen.

Have a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend!

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