Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.


Happy Monday everyone!

A little over a week ago we saw Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier. The husband and I thought it would be a fun event to check out and visit Navy Pier this Summer. There were drums, acrobat’s, bicycle stunts, comedy, dancing but I don’t remember any dragon’s even though the name is “Dragon’s Thunder”- unfortunately no pics of the show. Therefore this is our day through pictures.


Our baby pineapple. You will now see a series of snaps featuring this yummy baby. Why a pineapple? Well because 1. we thought it would be delicious to drink a virgin pina colada in a pineapple, 2. we thought we would test our focusing capabilities/skills of the new DSLR using the pineapple as a prop and 3. virgin pina colada in a pineapple costs $13 at Navy Pier! Which we thought was a bit much thus, the obsession with the pineapple! Yes, we are silly like that.        

Of course a couple selfie before the show.

And the infamous pineapple returns.IMG_0884  
We rated the show as average. The highlight of the show has to be a 5 motorcycle cage stunt, and then some balancing acts. Other than that it is a fun show for kids (or kids at heart), but don’t go if you are expecting a Cirque du Soleil type production because it is no way near that.IMG_0892  
Since no pictures were allowed during the show these are some after the show snaps with our baby, I mean our pineapple for photos! Yes, we took care of that pineapple throughout the entire show just to pose with it.            IMG_0906

We strolled around the Pier to capture some fun pics of moi, of course. IMG_0921                        
The day’s outfit was white linen pants, striped tee, my new favorite pink boyfriend blazer, yellow bubble necklace, my leather tote bag which is big enough to carry our DSLR, and metallic cap-toe flats. I’ve been loving black and white outfit looks, and have been wearing the combo in a lot of my outfits and will continue to do so because I’m a rebel, and so I have always thought the rule “no white after Labor Day” was quite silly.   IMG_0924                          
We love these night snaps the husband took. This next one is one of our favorites!IMG_0948IMG_0952 
After dinner, I sat down near the river waiting for the fireworks show to begin while the husband experimented some more with the camera. As soon as he captured this next shot he was quite pleased with himself and came over to show me grinning ear to ear. IMG_0964 
Doesn’t it look beautiful? Quite like a postcard.IMG_0975 
We finally figured out how to focus on a specific object while everything in the background is blurred. Basically, this is what we set out to learn and were trying to accomplish with the pineapple baby.IMG_0978 
If you have never been to Navy Pier, definitely plan to go on a Saturday since there is always a scintillating firework show accompanied with music which makes the fireworks more enjoyable and romantic to watch.IMG_0993IMG_1025IMG_1028 
It was a lovely day spent with my love. And I’m so happy that we get to capture beautiful day’s like this with our new love to share with all of you.IMG_1033IMG_1049 
We hope you enjoyed our day through pictures. Remember – Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

|HOOTD deets|

Hijab/Scarf- Target | Boyfriend Blazer- Zara | Striped Tee & White Linen Pant- Loft | Shoes- H&M| Bubble Necklace- Charlotte Russe | Bag- Lucky Brand | Rose Ring- BP Nordstrom

Thank you for visiting & have a great week!

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