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12 Comfortable Stylish Clothes for Women to Wear

Are you a creature of comfort? Us too! The clothes women wear shouldn’t have to be exclusively comfortable or stylish. There’s clearly a way to combine function and trend with comfortable stylish clothes. Whether you’re looking at clothes for work or clothes for travelling, most women want comfortable stylish clothes that they could wear. We want ...


How to Shop for Clothes: 9 Shopping Tips and Ideas

It’s no secret: shopping for clothes can be overwhelming. Even if you love to shop for clothes, finding an outfit that fits well and matches your style can take time and patience. Sometimes, shopping can feel like a stress-induced chore. Clothes shopping can be overwhelming. With some inspiration, a sound plan and some patience, you will ...


9 Common Signs of Predatory Behavior in the Workplace

As we make friendships and build relationships through life, we tend to look for the best in others. When someone appears to be friendly, outgoing and kind, it can take us off-guard when they start to act differently. Predatory behavior is particularly dangerous because it takes advantage of our willingness to trust people. Using manipulation and ...