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Happy Saturday!

Puff pasty egg breakfastI love the weekends–who doesn’t? But I especially enjoy the quality time with my husband.  On Friday’s we usually have date nights, on Saturday mornings we have brunch where the husband makes his delicious spicy omelet, and on Sunday’s I usually wipe up something yummy for us to eat.  A few Sunday’s ago for brunch I wanted to make something special with puff pastry sheet that I had sitting in the freezer– it was the same day I made these yummy chocolate banana muffins.  I usually use puff pastry sheet to make samosas/meat filled pastry during Ramadan and not much else. So I started looking up recipes and then went straight to the Pepperidge Farm site to see what ideas they had and came across this recipe. I’m also thinking of trying a few other versions of this recipe for example this, and this.

puff pastry sheetI changed up a few things, by adding habanero cheese I found at the local Farmer’s Market, made it a veggie version by adding tomatoes instead of the meat, and desified it (aka spiced it up) by sprinkling some chaat masala on top.  Overall, the flavors meshed really well together, and definitely made it a fancy brunch idea that requires little effort, is filling and healthy.

pastry tomatoe habanero cheeseAs you can see I baked the pastry for about 10 minutes, made an indentation with a spoon in the middle of the pastry, then added my cheese, a few slices of tomatoes, and added the egg right in the middle.  This will seem messy at first as the egg might spill over but don’t worry! Gently place the baking sheet in the oven and let it bake for a few more minutes until the egg’s set.

Breakfast egg square tartBaked egg tarthealthy spicy baked egg recipeBon appetite! Do let me know if you try this out.  What are some of your favorite brunch recipes?

Umair’s Sweetheart,

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