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Faithful Friday | Ayatul Kursi

Jummah Mubarak!

I know I haven’t posted on Friday for several weeks now so wanted to make a quick post. Love how Nouman Ali Khan explains almost anything and everything dealing with Islam.


Have a blessed day!

Tempting Tuesday | Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello everyone!

Today is a special Tempting Tuesday where I am featuring a cause that is very close to my heart, Breast Cancer Awareness. October is all about supporting this great cause and you can look good while doing it too! There are many retailers and companies that create beautiful products for you to purchase and a portion of the proceeds goes towards one of the Breast Cancer Research foundations.

Here are some of my picks, but check your favorite retailers and see what they are doing to support this great cause and promote research in breast cancer.

My October “pinks” includes, a shoe book by Staurt Weitzman, grey Ugg mini with pink bow, pink Asics running shoes, beautiful pearl statement necklace at Macy’s, pretty Coach watch, a pandora charm, and silk scarves by Anne Klein and Vera Bradley.

For more information on where to purchase the products I mentioned click here.


Thank you for visiting!!

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