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April Showers Bring May Flowers (& warmer weather please!)

Hi you!

I can’t believe it’s April and I have yet to update this blog! Where is the year going?

There really isn’t much to update since Spring aka warmer weather this year seems to have skipped over! I’ve been looking forward for nicer weather since the end of February which was about the time my fascination for Winter was diminishing.  Basically, the past few months I’ve been shopping away for Spring/Summer outfits and sandals hoping to wear them soon but I’m still stepping out with my lighter winter coats! Anywhoo….I’ll do a quick recap of our life since December.

-Mid December my sister came to visit us during her Winter break.  We had a lot of fun with her even though it was pretty cold! We managed to check out the Shedd aquarium, Lincoln Park zoo, Willis Tower, Grant & Millennium Park, Navy Pier (saw the fireworks there during New Years Eve which turned out to be a great experience), shopping on Michigan ave, Devon (ate at Sabri Nihari–though my sister refused to try the nihari *smh*), and of course introduced her to the famous deep dish pizza & Chicago style hot dog! It was quite an eventful few weeks where we even gave her a taste of public transportation.

-January was pretty cold! I don’t remember doing anything worth noting.

-February was fun despite the frigid cold weather.  There were a few birthdays *ahem ahem* and of course Valentines day.  For my birthday the husband surprised me by taking me to RPM, a restaurant I’ve been dying to go for many months and after several not-so-subtle hints we finally had dinner there.  I loved the food and especially the ambiance at RPM but would not recommend for families with kids.  Valentines day we didn’t go out because I decided to surprise the husband with a romantic dinner.

-March has also been fairly cold for this time of year, or as everyone has been telling me.  There have been a few weekends with amazing weather and thus we have taken advantage by going out and doing our usual shopping, dining, and exploring.

-April has lately been filled with shopping and outings at Devon since I’m helping my family prep for my brother’s wedding in the Summer.  We are all looking forward to all the exciting festivities and of course the family reunion!

For the future, my goal is to come up a with a weekly schedule to update or have some special weekly features for this blog that will help me stay on top of blogging.  We’ll at least that is the hope for now.  Until then see ya’.



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