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Yes, we’ve been slacking =/ on updating this blog. We mostly spent the month of November staying indoors as it has been getting colder, and I was studying for an exam. Therefore, we slacked off but we did spend some time with the family, enjoyed Eid with them end of October, had a few parties after Eid that we attended, did some shopping of course which has been slow but constant since we are building a winter wardrobe (or just me =p). I’ve been on the lookout for nice winter clothes since I never needed any before, therefore bought a nice wind resistant puff coat, sweaters, gloves, a sturdy snow boot and some other miscellaneous items. I’ve managed to collect few winter items because I’m focusing on quality more so than quantity.

This month I’m planning on purging clothes, shoes, & miscellaneous items which have been building up in our small closet and I’m accepting the fact there are many items we don’t need, used in months, don’t fit in or are just in bad condition and need to be thrown out or donated. I don’t like a lot of clutter or buildup of stuff, just want to maintain a minimalist lifestyle–I guess my goal for the new year InshahAllah.

Also, this month I also have some yummy desserts in mind that I want to make for the Husband, and after I do I hope to update the blog with some scrumptious looking pics. =D
Aside from that we have been experimenting with cooking, and the Husband always has creative ideas for what to cook next.
I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, and getting ready for the Holidays/Vacays!

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